The ongoing BMW publicity stunt circus called the Hydrogen 7, which awards “celebrities” free use of a hydrogen powered 7 Series and allows BMW the opportunity to publicize it without, apparently, actually having to pay the celebrities for a brand endorsement, has just given one to Placido Domingo and is now giving one to Davis Guggenheim – whose claim to fame is that he directed “An Inconvenient Truth,” a movie recently found by a British court to be so biased that it may not be shown in British schools without an advance warning that much of the content isn’t truth, at all.
Called by BMW the “Pioneer Program,” recipients have included Jay Leno and Will Farrell, among the select few, to date.
But this raises an interesting question or two: Just what does it take to meet BMW’s definition of “celebrity?” And what does a celebrity have to do to merit free use of a Hydrogen 7? And do you have to live in Southern California?
Isn’t Oprah a celebrity? Sure, she lives in Chicago, but she’s sure got more drawing power than Placido Domingo. Kiefer Sutherland’s probably off their list, now – but what about dad Donald. The 7 Series is primarily for old, rich guys, anyway, and that Donald’s new TV gig. It would be a perfect fit.
Or, how about Cal Ripkin, Jr.? Sports stars are celebrities, too. Need someone in California? Certainly Barry Bonds is a celebrity. Not the image BMW is looking for? Well, how about Matt Leinart? He’s got some time on his hands at the moment.
BMW’s not playing fair with these cars. Brittany Spears is a celebrity. Why shouldn’t she have one? She needs it to drive while the Benz is in the body shop. BMW could show that they’re compassionate, not just calculating.

Obviously, BMW needs help. They seem to be handing these things out without plan or purpose. We should help them.

So, to whom would you give a Hydrogen 7?

Ralph Kalal
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  (372) posted on 10.10.2007

I would hand the keys of a brand new BMW Hydrogen 7 to our very own Ralph Kalal! Let’s hear it for Ralph!

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