The Tokyo Motor Show is shaping up to become a personal showcase of Japanese car brands after most of the international delegation decided to skip the event.

One local brand that’s expected to participate in the event is Suzuki, where the brand is already on tap to unveil a Swift-inspired plug-in hybrid concept. The concept’s hybrid drivetrain is similar to that being used on the Chevy Volt – a drivetrain that houses both a small gasoline engine and a lithium-ion battery pack.

The car, which is being pegged to be exclusively electrically-powered, runs after it’s charged from any electrical socket and as soon as the battery runs low, the engine revs up to power a generator that charges the battery.

If that confused you, look at it this way: the gasoline engine isn’t used to make the car run. It’s used to charge the batteries SO the car can run.

Pretty nifty, don’t you think?

Further details behind the Swift hybrid have yet to be disclosed, but as soon as any new information becomes available about the car, we’ll definitely provide more updates.


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