Readers may recall a post a week or so ago about Steve McQueen’s Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3, which was on eBay at the time. That article began by mentioning that McQueen’s Ferrari Lusso was to be auctioned by Christies and mentioned in passing that the predicted sale price of between $800,00 and $1.2 million seemed low, given that a pair of sunglasses he wore in a movie fetched $70,000 at a memorabilia auction.

Well, we were right.

The Ferrari went for $2.31 million.

Whether the McQueen cachet was responsible for the extra or whether the fact that the car is perhaps the finest restored example of one of the most desirable Ferraris had more to do with it probably is known only to the winning bidder. One expert thought the car would not have brought the price were it not for the star status of the first owner.

And the seller? Well, he didn’t say how much the restoration cost. But he did say that he bought the Ferrari for “less than the price of a new Lexus.” So, he probably made out OK.

But, we were right.

Just thought you ought to know. 

What do you think?
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