For the man who has everything, car designer may be 12’s latest conquest

Tom Brady is the toast of the town these days, and rightfully so. The man just engineered the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history on his way to winning his fifth Super Bowl title and fourth Super Bowl MVP, the most of any player in history in both categories. But the New England Patriots’ historic win over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI wasn’t the only headline-grabbing news that Brady was involved in over the weekend. Lost in the ginormous shadow of the Big Game was the announcement of the GOAT’s new partnership with Aston Martin.

Not much is known about what kind of partnership Brady has with the British automaker, but the latter did release a small teaser announcing the collaboration. The likely scenario would be for Brady to serve as the new ambassador of Aston Martin, specifically that of the automaker’s new DB11 performance coupe. The 30-second teaser alluded to as much when since it prominently featured the DB11 together with a number of descriptive words that could have been used to describe either Aston Martin or Tom Brady. From there, the teaser cuts to black as the words “Tom Brady and Aston Martin” come to the screen, followed by the words “Coming Soon.” The video then ends with the logo of the DB11, essentially confirming that this new relationship between the five-time Super Bowl winner and the British auto marquee will revolve around the latter’s new performance coupe.

Neither Aston Martin nor Tom Brady have elaborated on the partnership so as far as teasers go, this one succeeded in drawing up a lot of curiosity for both parties. There’s a good chance that Brady could be announced as the new brand ambassador of Aston Martin or he could be in line to build a special variant of the DB11, probably for the U.S. market.

Either way, let’s all hope that more information becomes available sooner than later. You have our curiosities piqued, Aston Martin. Now how about throwing us a bone to shed light on this new partnership with 12.

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The New England Patriots quarterback is on a roll right now

How does an Aston Martin DB11 Tom Brady Edition sound? Such a car would certainly grab headlines today considering how Brady has dominated headlines in the past few days for leading the New England Patriots in the most epic of comebacks against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. I certainly wouldn’t put it past the British automaker for taking advantage of Brady’s trending status and hitch a ride on that wave of momentum to get its own name in the headlines.

But that’s only one part of this mysterious collaboration between the Patriots’ star quarterback and the British auto maker. There are some extra layers to this that have not yet been announced, which is another reason why the teaser is so significant. What’s really the deal between Brady and Aston Martin? Is he going to be the new face of the company (pretty significant) or is there more to it than that (more significant)?

For Aston Martin, it makes sense to get Brady and use him as a pitchman for the DB11, especially if the automaker has hopes of selling the 600-horsepower coupe in the US market where Brady is instantly one of the most recognizable faces in the country on the strength of his Super Bowl LI win. And for Brady, well, what else is there to say? The man is on cloud nine right now and there’s nothing he can’t do wrong.

Everyone wants a piece of Tom Brady these days and you can’t help but understand why. These are the kind of spoils that come with being a Super Bowl champion and regarded as the greatest of all time to ever play football.

Now it’s all about waiting and seeing what the Tom Brady/Aston Martin partnership is all about. My money’s on the quarterback being named as a brand ambassador for Aston Martin, although I wouldn’t discount the possibility that such a partnership also includes a special edition DB11 along the way.

The Aston Martin DB11 by TB12. Sounds fancy, right?

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