• Tom Cruise and a Doorless BMW M5 Take the Mission Impossible Set By Storm

Ethan Hunt is back to wreck another Bimmer (or two)

While most of us fawn over all the cars that appear in the Fast & Furious and James Bond franchises, the Mission Impossible franchise has had its fair share of fancy rides. BMW, in particular, has been a partner of the Tom Cruise-led franchise since 2011 when the i8 Concept made a cameo in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Since then, BMW has been the go-to ride of Ethan Hunt and company, and that will continue in the next Mission Impossible movie. The yet-to-be-named movie is the seventh one in the franchise and filming is taking place in Rome, and, to no one’s surprise, a BMW model is being used in what looks to be an action-packed chase scene around the streets of the Italian capital.

Is that a BMW 5 Series or a BMW M5?

We know it’s a BMW 5 Series because it’s too big to be a BMW 3 Series and it doesn’t have two doors like the BMW 4 Series. So, it’s the 5 Series. What we can’t be certain of is whether it’s a 5 Series trim or if it’s actually the high-performance M5. The 87-second video doesn’t show the vehicle in high-resolution so it’s hard to be certain. Fortunately, we did notice a pronounced rear spoiler and four exhaust pipes.

That’s a good sign that this is a BMW M5 — a doorless one, too — that Ethan Hunt is driving around the streets of Rome while being chased around by a fleet of Italian police cars and motorcycles.

What else does the footage show us?

Tom Cruise and a Doorless BMW M5 Take the Mission Impossible Set By Storm
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It shows someone who’s supposed to be Ethan Hunt, though we’re not certain if that’s actually Tom Cruise who’s driving the doorless BMW M5 or if it’s a stunt driver doing the deed. The video does show someone who’s comfortable driving the tail-happy Bimmer and around those small streets, and while Cruise has a well-documented history of performing his own stunts and car chase scenes — he was literally hanging off the side of a plane in mid-air in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation — we wouldn’t be surprised if he left the driving of this M5 to a stunt driver.

Other than lamenting whether Cruise drove that M5 or not, we also noticed two performance vehicles in the clip, though both were being used as camera chase vehicles.

Tom Cruise and a Doorless BMW M5 Take the Mission Impossible Set By Storm
- image 940338

One looks like a first-generation Porsche Cayenne that was tasked to shoot the chase scene from the front while the other one looks like a Nissan GT-Rthat’s chasing the scene from the back. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie production use Godzilla as a moving camera rig, but, then again, this is a Mission Impossible movie. Nothing’s too out of reach for Cruise and company.

Mission Impossible 7 still doesn’t have a title, but that’s neither here nor there at this point. We’re just happy to see that production of the movie has returned after it was shut down because of the coronavirus.

The movie was supposed to be released on July 23, 2021, but like most Hollywood movies, production was delayed because of the global pandemic. It’s now scheduled to hit theaters on November 19, 2021.

That’s far from a date that’s set in stone, but at least there is some form of clarity on that end. Here’s to hoping production of the movie runs smoothly from here on out. We need movies to return to our lives.

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