It’s been a month now since the TomTom navigation app for the iPhone went on sale for about $99.99 a pop, but despite being out on the market already, a lot of people have yet to avail for themselves a unit, partly because most of them are waiting for the GPS’ iPhone car kit that’s expected to drop sometime in October.

The kit, which will come with another GPS receiver in addition to an iPhone car mount, is expected to improve and enhance the TomTom navigation app. If you don’t know how this whole thing works, the TomTom nav app allows your iPhone to perform the full duties of navigation system, giving the iPhone yet another new function that seems to be increasing by the day.

With the incoming car kit that’s coming out, you can now mount your iPhone into your car like a fully-independent navigation system, although we assume that while it’s being used as such, you’ll have an extra difficult time trying to text with or call someone with it.

But those are thoughts for another day and time. What’s important is that the new kit is scheduled to hit in October and will reportedly cost $119.95 (or €99.95 in Europe), which of course is exclusive of the charges you’ll pay for the application itself.

We didn’t know that two items would be sold separately but apparently it is. It’s a steeper price to pay than most of us would’ve expected – around $220 – but then again, it’s still cheaper than a lot of third-party nav systems going out on the market these days.


Source: GPS Track Log

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