There is a new hybrid super car coming from Japan that is set to debut sometime next year. If all goes well Tong Jian will be remembered amongst the greats such as Enzo Ferrari and Ferdinand Porsche; except for one thing Tong Jian is a Chinese figure skater. Perhaps the designers wanted to inspire the Tong Jian S11 to be as agile as the other speed machines that it resembles.

The car was designed by students from the Tongya University, and used a number of elements from super cars that are already on the market. The nose is a mix of Lamborghini scoops and Audi inspired headlights. The super car also features a pair of carbon fiber side scoops from an R8. Out back there are Ferrari inspired taillights and a powerfully round rear end that gives the S11 a GT-R like stance when viewed from behind. The Ferrari elements are carried over into the interior as well.

What should make electric automakers like Tesla take notice, is that the car will be powered to a combination of electric motors and internal combustion that will send power to all the four wheels. Could this be the next green super car?


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  (78) posted on 07.6.2009

I guess, this gives us the sign—China is ready to take the technology, China is hybrid ready and will surely take all means to make the electric car industry more affordable to the asian market. By 2012, China is planning to shift towards this dream, and this shift wil also mean a shift in the car market control and direction. China will be buying and will be producing more.

  (137) posted on 07.6.2009

What is controversial maybe the design. What is promising is the development of green cars in China..this means the development of this technology may not need to be expensive...this move will kill the ambition of American cars to steal the scene and overpower its production on hybrid technology

  (116) posted on 07.6.2009

I am not sure if this car would face copyright violations based on the observation that this car relied so much on the duplication of some design concept made by top notch super car makers. But somehow, if you are going to look at it it is neither Enzo-GTR-Porche-Audi like in the end. Maybe some are right that this is like an improvement. But setting aside the entire exterior design which could have improved alot minus the copying issues, this car is promising and I would like to know how it performs and compare with its western counterparts.

  (289) posted on 07.6.2009

Although this seeme to be almost production version of this hybrid China super car, I can wait to see how it will finaly come out. Though China is known for Chinaphones and imitation of well known prducts, we have to still give this car the credit and the benefit of teh doubt. Can’t we?

  (231) posted on 07.6.2009

China is gearing towards an electric based car technology in 2012. It means that China’s own entry is their chance to capitalize this turn the new age of technology as part of development and improvement of China’s future.

  (318) posted on 07.6.2009

Some might consider buying the more conventional brands—old in the industry, experienced in the car market, but somehow, there is always great about new commers and good about having a new competitor in the line. It means that there are now more option, more competition means lower value in the production. Now matter how you hate a new commer, let us learn the wisdom that almost all old companies which we trust today was once a newbie and also starting to build their name and reputation

  (314) posted on 07.6.2009

Let us point out first what is good about this car—it is green and it is from Asia. I think is a good sign in the global economy that more and more Asian contries are engaging into the car business—this will somehow help to revive the car market globally. The direction is becoming more global in terms of production, the development is becoming multi-cultural and the ideas are becoming more international. Gone is the day of western hegemony and exclusive control of ideas—this the period globalized market.

  (421) posted on 07.5.2009

Some call this as improvement—if ever it has the resemblance of teh R8 on sides, the Porche on the back, the Enzo in front and the GTR on the nose and etc etc etc. It only means that this car is beautiful as it has evrything beautiful in it.

  (79) posted on 07.5.2009

It’s obvious that the S11’s designers have looked to the Audi R8 and any number of recent Ferraris for design inspiration, both inside and out. As far as we can tell, the resulting mashup isn’t all that bad – minus the one-size-too-small alloys and those awkward Audi-esque blades on either side.

  (177) posted on 07.5.2009

There are penty of reasons why you must take this car seriously. I think it is to western to think that this car borrowed its exterior from other super car makers. Inpect closely and you see the unique characteristics of the car’s exterior. This is hybrid-meaning CO2 emission compliant. This is made by Asian, and made in Asia. Who says, this is of poor quality when most products we are using are all made in China-assembled only in some Western countries. I guess, this bias is something we must start erasing—and start to embrace the reality. The shift of economy is now real for most western countries, it is time to learn how Asian’s keep their more stable-recession free economy.

  (177) posted on 07.4.2009

Guys, guys, relax. Let’s not hit on the country. Remember that most of the original signatured products are now being assembled in China for cheaper labor. They are, after all, a big help to other countries suffering from the financial crisis. So I really hope that we’re still talking about the car. Tong Jian if you can still remember? Anyway, I think that the super car is good. It’s going to be green so that means that its better than American cars. But just like what I said, I’m worried about how "inspired" is it by other car companies. I promise I thought it was a Ferrari when I first saw the pictures!

  (182) posted on 07.4.2009

Lead content might be a bit high for this car. It needs to checked by the authorities. And I also hope that they don’t use Melamin for cars. LOL. I just wish they would change the name of their car. It sounds like a name of a medicine or some sort. Haha.

  (183) posted on 07.4.2009

China... Home of fake goods. You’d find really nice class A imitation products of signatured brands there. I just can’t imagine how they were able to come up with a fake car! Anyway, despite its great looking, glossy and flashy impression on some people, Tong Jian S11 won’t make it in the market. Being a super car is not enough. you have to be original.

  (177) posted on 07.4.2009

Is this car really coming out in the market, for sale? I’m not sure on how they would be able to pass through the intellectual property rights of the companies to which they have copy and pasted their looks.

  (180) posted on 07.4.2009

How much is this beauty worth? They better make sure that its cheap because no one, in America, is sure to buy an experimental car that worths thousands of bucks. I’d rather buy Honda or Toyota for that matter.

  (182) posted on 07.4.2009

The beauty reminds me of the Disney film Cars.

  (182) posted on 07.4.2009

What can I say but the car is totally GIGANTIC. I wish I could see it in person though but based on the pictures you’ve shown here, I think the nose looks too heavy for the body. They might want to lose some unnecessary details there.

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