Few sportsmen are known across the world as much as Tony Hawk. He is one of the true pioneers of skateboarding, even being the very first man to pull off a 900 degree spin during competition in 1999. With all this fame comes an equally impressive bank account, and where else could that money take you but to the most expensive car Lexus ever produced?

Well in his latest stunt, Hawk splashed a bit of cash by renting a bright-yellow Lexus LFA before jumping it on his skateboard with the help of a small skate-ramp, showing that even though he’s retired from competition, he still has skills which would put all novice skaters to shame.

The interesting thing about this story is that the video was not shot for advertising purposes on behalf of Lexus to help drum up sales for its $375,000 supercar, and it seems it was just shot for recreational purposes. As mentioned, the particular LFA in question was a rental car, although we’re not sure why Hawk wouldn’t just splash the cash and purchase one as he unquestionably has the money to do so.

Additionally, Hawk is also an avid Lexus-lover, currently owning a SC 430 and LS600h.

As a reminder, the Lexus LFA features a 4.8-liter V10 engine pumping out a Lamborghini Gallardo-rivalling 552 horsepower at a screaming 8,700rpm and 354 lb-ft of torque at 6,800 rpm. Not only does the LFA has one of the most distinct and pleasant exhaust notes out there, it’s actually quite the performance car with the Nurburgring edition lapping the Nordschleife last year in 7:14.64.


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  (419) posted on 06.14.2012

Perhaps if Tony Hawk could do something more than skateboarding, he’d be one of the greatest stuntmen too.

  (676) posted on 06.7.2012

I agree. This is sort of dangerous, but it’s more on the amazing side.

  (458) posted on 05.28.2012

Honestly, I don’t see what’s the big deal about this. Tony Hawk has done more extreme stunts.

  (569) posted on 05.24.2012

I’ll wait for the day that Tony Hawk decides to perform a cool skateboard performance competing with a supercar!

  (448) posted on 05.22.2012

If I have mastered the art of skating, then I definitely won’t fear doing this too. If only there is someone to drive that Lexus, he’d probably had a collaboration stunt with it.

  (333) posted on 05.20.2012

Tony Hawk is a veteran, so he’s confident that he won’t put a single dent on this high-valued LFA. Like mentioned, he only did this for fun as he’s amused with Lexus cars.

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