Aparently the sculptors at Legoland are as big a fans of the BBC’s Top Gear as we are, because as soon as they got a lead on the $60,000 Caterham Superlight R500 becoming the automotive journal’s car of the year they couldn’t help but capture the moment in Lego. Located near Windsor in England in the U.K. the four stars of the English television show find themselves at home surrounded by over 40 million other colorful building blocks in Legoland U.K.’s motor sport arena.

Top Gear lego edition
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Legoland’s chief model maker, Guy Bagley said, “the Caterham is such a timeless and iconic car that it was a no-brainer as our choice for the motorsport area…my colleague remembered that the Stig had put the R500 through its paces and how incredible it was on the test track…it’s a design that lends itself particularly well to our bricks, too." If you just can’t get enough of this Top Gear Lego action, then do a search on youtube where you will find quite a few impressive recreations of the best television show about cars on the air today.


Source: UK Telegraph

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MadTourist  (48) posted on 08.27.2009

The Stig never looked so stoic.

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