German sports cars race for quarter-mile supremacy

The Porsche 911 and all its various trims have pretty much owned the sports car market for as long as we care to remember. There have been some contenders along the way, but by and large, the 911 Turbo has remained the king of this proverbial hill. These days, a new crop of high-performance sports cars have arrived to take a shot at the iconic 911, but none of that are as well equipped for the job as the Mercedes-AMG GT S.

The German sports car broke into the scene in 2014 and, from the onset, Mercedes made no bones about its goal to knock the Porsche 911 down a peg or two. Since then, the AMG GT S has done quite well for itself, and it’s a credit to the sports car that a lot of people have began whispering about its capabilities to oppose the 911. Nobody confused one’s heritage compared to the other, but from a performance point of view, the Mercedes has been up to the challenge presented by the Porsche.

All of that leads us to this. Top Gear (the magazine, not the show) recently lined up the AMG GT S and the 911 Carrera GTS for a nice little race on its own test track. The objective, as Top Gear Magazine Deputy Editor Jack Rix points out, is to determine which of the two cars can go faster in a quarter-mile. Both cars had their own advantages with the Mercedes being more powerful while the Porsche is the lighter of the two. So it boils down to, as Rix points out again, a race between power and finesse.

Who wins? Watch the video to find out!

Mercedes-AMG GT S

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT High Resolution Exterior
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Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

2015 Porsche 991 Carrera GTS High Resolution Exterior
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