Top Gear’s Lamborghini LP640 Video Review: Speed Demon with Lackluster Handling?

Check out Clarksons review of the new Lamborghini LP640- He takes the 300,000 dollar LP640 all the up 207mph but in the end has one gripe with the car :

From the Top Gears review I must say the Lamborghini Murcie LP640 is probably one the best super cars in the 300,000 k price tag. If you are looking for a car of this stature other cars that come to mind are the Zonda S and Carrera GT both cars which are substantially more than the LP640; a point that Jeremy speaks of.

Ultimately, though it seems that Lambo needs to improve the 4 x 4 system on the LP640 to gain the best performance out of the vehicle and to outgun cars such as the Carrera GT and Zonda S. In the future if Lamborghini can figure means to produce a Murcielago with top tier handling and at a similar price point of the LP640, they (Lambo) will have a sure winner on their hands- one that outperforms the Zonda, and Carrera GT at significantly lower cost.


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