So Rory Reid apparently has the softest hands

We all know what happens when we get a sudden rush of news and teasers about Top Gear. A new season is around the corner — February 25, to be exact — and the promotional bits for the 25th season have gone into fifth gear (no pun intended). A week after dropping the first trailer for the new season, a new teaser has arrived. This one is called “Milk Run,” which is really more like a traditional promo spot than a spliced part of an actual segment.

The ad starts off with Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and Rory Reid huddled over in the Top Gear cafeteria when The Stig reveals that they’ve run out of milk. As quickly as the Stig could finish his sentence — he didn’t, really — the three hosts storm out of the cafeteria into a field of waiting cars where LeBlack takes the all-new Aston Martin Vantage, Reid picks the Mercedes 4x4 G-Wagen, and Harris chooses a Skoda Fabia R5 for a traditional milk run the likes of which we never see anymore. All three hosts arrive at a far-flung farm together where LeBlanc and Harris coax Reid into doing the dirty work of milking the cows because, according to Joey Tribbiani, Reid has “the softest hands.”

The ad succeeds in reminding everyone that the 25th season of Top Gear is two weeks away from premiering. But as far as entertainment value goes, the commercial falls flat, at least for my expectations. It’s not going to ruin my excitement for the new season, though, because I like the chemistry these three men have. Here’s to hoping we see more of that when the season starts on February 25.


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