• Top Gear’s the Stig replaces Where’s Waldo?

Top Gear's the Stig replaces Where's Waldo?
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The identity of Top Gear’s masked racing driver, the Stig, is quite possibly one of the biggest mysteries facing automotive television fans and at the same time is one of the things that keeps viewers coming back week after week to watch the BBC’s best program. It would appear that the Stig’s popularity has led him to set out on his own and star as the face of a new "Where’s Waldo?" type magazine in which the white racing suit wearing top secret test driver is hidden amongst hoards of other individuals and all sorts of wacky automobile paraphernalia in Top Gear world. This is quite a paradox indeed, the Stig is mostly known for stepping into a car and going like hell, so the idea of having to catch the fastest man on Top Gear standing still is just absurd.

While the mystery of the original Stig is a closed case, being unmasked as Ben Collins, a professional racer who specialized in everything from rally car racing to stock car racing, only to have the BBC killed off the original man in black and replace him by the racer in white overalls that we know today. This lastest creation from illustrator Rod Hunt and BBC Books, “Top Gear, Where’s Stig?” has just been released and should soon be available wherever books are sold.


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  (17) posted on 09.4.2009

Yeah, I absolutely agree with AK-47. The Stig has no identity, no personality ("...all we know is that he is called "The Stig..."). The only matter he should be associated with is speed. All attention should be sticked to this, but not to his human traits (if revealed).

  (1022) posted on 09.1.2009

Iam pretty sure I know who the Stig is. I like to pretend the Stig is the Stig only though. I don’t know why some people try so hard to figure out who he is. Not knowing is far more fun. It adds to the Stig legend.

  (1) posted on 09.1.2009

The original Stig, aka ’Black Stig’ was exposed as Perry McCarthy, an ex-F1 driver when his autobiography ’Flat Out, Flat Broke:Formula 1 the hard way!’ came out. Ben Collins is rumoured, among others, as being the new ’White Stig’.

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