TOP GEAR IS COMING BACK! If you were not aware, the new series of Top Gear is starting in just a few days and the team is up to their usual antics by dropping lots of silly trailers and preparation videos. The latest one is a full trailer done entirely in Legos, in a fashion very similar to The Lego Movie.

While there is no crazy car footage in this preview to Series 22, we do get about two minutes of silly banter and comical situations staring brick-sized versions of our favorite three presenters. There are even bits and pieces of The Stig involved in the short.

I too lament the lack of car footage to show off what special and wild things that the boys have been up to over the last few months, but this is still a nice change of pace. I expect a new trailer that is all live-action clips from the show to arrive in another few days. Keep your eyes here on and we will be sure to have that on the site for you as well.

While you watch this video and patiently wait for the new series to start, why don’t you hop down into our awesome comments section and let us know what cars you hope to see on this new series. I can’t wait to see If Jeremy drives and likes the Porsche 918. He said if it was better than the McLaren P1 he would change his name to Jennifer. I am waiting to see if that happens.


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