Top Gear USA gets introduced to the Raging Bull from Sant’Agata

Top Gear USA has a long way to go to even be mentioned in the same breath as their counterparts from the UK, but as this new trailer of the show suggests, they’re off to a pretty good start.

Unlike the last trailer we saw of Adam Ferrara driving a ’76 Cadillac Deville through a “moonshine” run dirt course, this new trailer features the type of cars that we’re getting all excited about: three Lamborghinis!

Not only are they three Lambos, but their three special edition models, too. There’s the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, the Gallardo Valentino Balboni Edition, and the Murcielago SuperVeloce. That’s a lot of snorting bulls in a two-minute trailer.

More importantly though is that the three hosts - Ferrara, Tanner Foust, and Rutledge Wood - seem to be in their element behind the wheel of these Lamborghinis. Whereas they didn’t show a whole lot of testosterone in the last trailer, this one’s got them in fair amount of supply.

Like we said, they still have a long way to go before they can stack up against the iconic trio of Clarkson, May, and Hammond. But if they can have more supercars in their show and a little less giggling and high-fiving, then they should be in good shape.


Source: History Channel

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  (417) posted on 09.2.2010

there’s a lot of lamborghinis in that video, Top Gear USA host are really enjoying the hosting part. That maybe because they love cars so much.

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