Top Gear USA — pilot finished

TopGear USA host finaly announced: Adam Carolla, Tanner Foust and Eric Stromer
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Top Gear USA. The thought makes fans cringe with fear of the idea that the world’s largest car market may mess up the world’s greatest car show. There is also optimism that this is wrong, and NBC gets the show right. Well we will all find out soon, because the pilot for the U.S. network version has been completed.

It seems that the new program may be showing signs of real promise. The U.S. version is reported to have taken many cues from the original U.K. show including the set details and “Star In a Reasonably Priced Car” interview segmant. Also many key production people from the BBC show were on hand for this pilot.

The new crew of Adam Corolla, Eric Stromer and Tanner Foust need to bring the humor and camaraderie that fans expect from the original. This is kind of chemistry can take while to develop – James May replaced Jason Dawe in the second series of the show’s current format. Hopefully one audience member of the U.S. show was speaking for the whole group when he said, "That is the most funny Adam Carolla has ever been." But also remember Adam Carolla is a true car guy, and he did a fine job harnessing male-oriented adrenaline on “The Man Show”.


Source: Autoblog

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  (47) posted on 07.28.2008

I’m really hoping NBC gets it right. But Eric Stromer... come on NBC replace him with Jay Leno.

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