It was almost five years ago when the man from Japan, Smokey Nagata slapped a GT-R badge on an R35 Skyline GT350, or an Infiniti G35 as we know them here in the U.S. but that is not all that the founder of the tuning firm Top Secret. Disgruntled with the fact that Nissan had discontinued their high performance halo car when they ditched the much loved R34 GT-R. So what was Smokey to do, build his own GT-R out of a perfectly good Skyline coupe and hope that Nissan would take notice and follow suit. However this would need to be more than just a G35 with a fancy body kit and an expensive set of rims, this vehicle had to be a true best if it were to wear the same badge as Godzilla.

Top Secret Skyline GT-R
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In order to create a true super car the first thing that Nagata-san did was drop the VQ from the Skyline’s pallet and shoehorn in a 4.5 Liter V8 sourced from a Nissan Cima. The crew then got to work rebuilding the engine with stronger rods and pistons before balancing the entire rotating assembly. Then a custom intake manifold was crafted to accept the charge air from a pair of HKS GT2835 turbos sending almost 700 HP through an ORC triple plate clutch to spin the Getrag 6 speed manual transmission before making its way out the rear end with a 2 way limited slip differential.

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Top Secret Skyline GT-R
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In order to control all 700 HP, Top Secret gave the Infiniti some massive stopping power in the form of Brembo 8 piston calipers hiding behind a set of 20 inch gold Volk Racing GT-Cs wrapped with sticky Bridgestone tires. The Top Secret GT-R also features an adjustable air suspension that can raise the front and rear of the car by up to 5 cm that is aside from the upgraded Swift springs and Top Secret adjustable dampers. Aside from the mechanical parts that make the Top Secret GT-R a true super car, the vehicle’s wide stance is achieved thanks to a full Top Secret body kit. While on the inside there is a pair of Recaro racing buckets wrapped in leather and complimented by a pair of green Takata racing harnesses. It’s a good thing that Smokey is secure inside his ride, because we all know how much he loves to test them at speed, on a trip to Germany he managed to hit a top speed of 211 MPH on the Autobahn.

Top Secret Skyline GT-R
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