Last week we brought you an innovative creation from the Japanese tuner and infamous speed junkie Mr. Kazuhiko Nagata. However you may know him better as Smokey due to his affinity for rapid fire chain smoking before conducting one of his highly publicized top speed runs in any of his signature gold colored Top Secret tuner cars. When Mr. Nagata chose to make his own replacement for the defunct Skyline GT-R, Nissan took notice and it is apparent just by looking at the Top Secret GT-R and the one you can buy in a dealership. Never one to rest on his laurels, Smokey decided that if putting a V8 in a GT-R was a bold move, then a V12 powered Toyota Supra would just be insane, and he was right.

Top Secret V12 Supra
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In order to make the best you must first start with the best. So aside from the entirely redesigned aerodynamic front end this particular fifth generation gold Supra has the heart of a late model Toyota Century luxury limousine, a car that rivals the ultra luxurious Mercedes Benz S Class and is placed even above the automaker’s Lexus luxury brand. Smokey’s intention was to create one of the most extreme cars ever made by his tuning shop. The body kit that you are looking at on this very unique Toyota Supra is called "Final Evolution," and was a hint at what the Japanese design team at Toyota needed to create what we now know as the LF-L.

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Top Secret V12 Supra
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It was no easy feat fitting the V12 into the Supra’s engine bay, custom mounts needed to be fabricated and the 5.0 Liter 1GZ-FE had to be converted over to a very racy dry sump system so it could be mounted so low in the chassis. After all the custom hand made manifolds and end tanks were finished being welded a pair of HKS GT2835 turbochargers were fitted. Once the custom fuel system was finished and the twin HKS F-Con V Pro ECUs tuned the ORC racing clutch was charged with getting all 950 HP from the flywheel through the turbo Supra’s stock transmission and out the back to a pair of 19 inch Volk Racing GT-F rims. The rollers measure 9.5 inches wide up front and 10.5 inches in the rear and are wrapped in very sticky Bridgestone RE-01R rubber. One interesting aspect of the V12 Supra is that due to all the hardware that was fitted up front, the radiator had to be shipped to the back, making all those air scoops very functional.

Top Secret V12 Supra
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Nardo Top Speed Run

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  (1022) posted on 01.25.2010

@Uncia: yeah, I think they should test this with some of the fastest supercar, like gallardo or bugatti.

  (1022) posted on 01.25.2010

putting a V12 engine to your car will make your car crazy in a great way

  (798) posted on 01.21.2010

if the skyline is for the custom cars, then supra is one of the in demand cars in terms of rally race or in a race track.

  (1024) posted on 08.27.2009

You forgot to mention the Getrag gearbox which could handle 600rwhp with stock internals.

  (868) posted on 08.25.2009

Not how I’d spend my money. As far as I’m concerned, the stock/TRD Supra is the greatest automobile ever created. It was the first 4-seater to hit 60 mph in less than five seconds, the first car to average over 70 mph through a slalom or to pull 0.98 g at the skidpad, the first to stop from 60 in less than 110 feet, and with the optional TRD performance upgrades was the first mass-produced car to hit 200 mph. In fact, it won track tests against the likes of the Viper and Lamborghini Diablo, and all with Toyota reliability and a sticker price of less than 40K.

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