Top Ten Cars Not Sold in the U.S.

2009 Volkswagen Scirocco
- image 251563

Merry Christmas. Here are ten cars that you won’t be under the tree this year; it’s the top ten cars not sold in the U.S.

The rules for this one are simple, the car cannot be available for sale in the United States. We do know our readers are international, so its okay for those outside the U.S. to rub it in if you can buy one in your home country. Even better, in the spirit of the giving season, you can make us feel better by sharing cars that you wish were available in your home country.

We’re hopeful that maybe if we’re really, really good, Santa will drop some of the following cars in our driveway next year.

Here is the list (in alphabetical order) of the top ten car not sold in the U.S. of 2008:

Alfa Romeo

2006 Alfa Romeo Brera
- image 61676

Yes Alfa Romeo is a brand and not a car, but to list all the Alfas we want, it would take up more than half of this list. The 8C Competizione is officially imported, but in very small numbers and it is the only one. So, this is just a plea for all of Alfa’s cars to be under our tree next year.

Then again, with eight models to choose from (counting the 8C and the 8C Spider as individual cars) maybe we could get the whole line-up for Hanukkah.

- *

Fiat 500

Fiat 500 Abarth Opening Edition
- image 255354

Retro cars are not always big on our list, but this one comes with some good credentials. Quick, nimble and stylish are good no matter what package it comes in.

- *

Ford Focus (European)

2008 Ford Focus (European version)
- image 227120

Ford says it will have its European Focus on these shores by 2010. That’s a good start, but it still puts us six years behind the rest of the world.

- *

Honda Civic Type R (European)

2007 Honda Civic Type-R
- image 86816

It has the same 198 hp 2.0-liter four cylinder engine as the U.S.-spec Civic Si, and it is only about 100 lbs lighter, but damnit it looks sooooooo much cooler.

- *

Lotus Europa

2007 Lotus Europa S Luxury Touring Pack Option
- image 152084

All this time that you were complaining about the lack of space and comfort in your Elise (wuss), there was a bigger car with better sound dampening and easier entry. The Europa still offers the razor sharp handling and Lotus’ trademark quickness, but with this one, the ladies you date won’t embarrass themselves when getting out of the car in a dress.

- *

Opel Insignia

2009 Opel Insignia
- image 243482

This has been promised to show up here as a Saturn, but until exchange rates get more favorable we’re holding our breath for this well-designed sports sedan.

- *

Pagani Zonda

2006 Pagani Zonda Roadster F
- image 54948

We’re likely to never get one of the ultimate sports cars (officially) imported to the U.S., but its replacement, the C9, should make the trip from Italy. When? The sooner the better.

- *

Seat Ibiza Ecomotive

2009 Seat Ibiza Ecomotive
- image 261683

We usually go the MPG route here, but this is a car that’s cheap and can deliver 74 miles to the gallon. Sure the 79 hp three-cylinder diesel isn’t something to get really excited about, but since there is no hybrid system, this is a car that outshines the Prius that you can still tinker with it in your own garage. The Ecomotive’s frugal nature means this is the perfect commuter car, so we can save our gas money for the muscle car that gets the space in the garage.

- *

Renault Sport Twingo

2008 Renault Sport Twingo
- image 261331

It’s quick, nimble and has styling different than anything else out there. At about $21,700 (direct current exchange rates) this is something we bet Santa could fit in his sleigh next year.

- *

Volkswagen Scirocco

2009 Volkswagen Scirocco
- image 251586

Of course the Scirocco made the list; the Scirocco tops the list. It takes everything that’s good about the VW Golf/Rabbit, and throws out the compromises. It keeps the peppy engines, reworks the suspension, and has a wider stance for better handling. The look discards the everyday cuteness of a VW hatch more than any GTI ever could.

It may the last on our list, but it is first in our hearts. Volkswagen please grant us this one holiday wish. We promise we’ll buy one.

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  (580) posted on 06.10.2011

Well, we have to accept that not all cars are open to the public. If it is the problem, I think the next time I should go to those countries where they sell it.

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