Cadillac may be making valiant efforts to compete against Japanese and German marques, but those looking to buy used aren’t interested. The Cadillac DTS and STS were among the ten luxury cars with the lowest residual value after five years listed by Forbes Magazine, based on statistics compiled by the publishers of the Kelley Blue Book. 
Of course, though the list makes interesting reading, it does not necessarily reflect the residual value of a current model. Though American products dominated the list, two Jaguars, the X-type and the S-type V6, also placed among the worst ten, as did the Mercedes-Benz E550.
The worst residual value was the Lincoln Town Car, at 17%. 
Here’s the list from tenth to worst:

  1. Cadillac SRX V8 – 27%
  2. Ford Expedition V8 4WD – 27%
  3. Cadillac DTS – 26%
  4. Cadillac STS V6 – 26%
  5. Lincoln MXX AWD – 26%
  6. Mercedes-Benz E550 – 26%
  7. Jaguar S-type V6 – 25%
  8. Jaguar X-Type Sedan and Wagon – 25%
  9. Mercury Grand Marquis LS – 23%
  10. Lincoln Town Car – 17%

Source: The Auto Channel

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  (378) posted on 06.13.2011

haha those car looks freaky. But in the good old times, I think those car are the most fancy and favorable by all.

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