Everybody’s got there own list, but Cars.com polled its readers to create a new list, in honor of the release of “Transformers.”

Here they are:

  1. “Back to the Future’s” DeLorean DMC-12
  2. “Smokey and the Bandit’s” Pontiac Trans-Am
  3. “Ferris Buehler’s” Ferrari 250 GT
  4. “Goldfinger” and Bond’s Aston Martin DB5
  5. “Bullitt’s” Mustang fastback
  6. “Wayne’s World’s” AMC Pacer
  7. “American Graffiti:” the “piss yellow” 32 Ford deuce coupe
  8. “The Blues Brothers” ex-cop car Dodge Monaco
  9. “Ghostbuster’s” 1959 Cadillac ambulance
  10. “The Italian Job’s” Mini Cooper S (the remake, for both)

The problem, of course, is that the list omits some cars that deserve at least honorable mention: for example, the yellow Rolls-Royce in the movie of the same name, the Model T Ford flown by Fred MacMurray in the “Absent Minded Professor,” later made with Robin Williams and a Thunderbird as “Flubber,” Thomas Crown’s Rolls-Royce in the original Thomas Crown Affair. What about those NASCAR stockers in “Days of Thunder,” or the Indy racers in “Winning?”

And then there’s my personal favorite:

The immaculate Porsche 911 which Steve McQueen drives, at the beginning of the movie “LeMans,” through a quaint French country village, on his way to race for another year. Everything about that car was perfect.

And the Hemi Charger in Bullitt should have merited an honorable mention, too.

Source: The Auto Channel

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  (630) posted on 06.13.2011

Where’s Stursky and Hutch Movie? For me, that’s the best of all. I’ve watched that movie years ago but I still remember the car stunt which Owen Wilson have done.

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