Although all three hypercars have been not only launched but sold out as well — a question mark still surrounds the McLaren P1’s status — there is no denying that they still are some of the most desirable vehicles on the planet. I am of course talking about the stupidly named but also stupidly fast 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari, the bonkers-looking and driving 2014 McLaren P1 and last, but certainly not least, the fastest road-going car on the Green Hell, the 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder.

Yes, the folks behind the iTunes version of the Top Gear Magazine are well aware of just about everyone’s infatuation with these three rare birds, which is why they decided to pit them against each other in their latest issue. Since this is the iTunes version of the magazine, a movie showing the LaFerrari battle the P1 and 918 Spyder will also be included with the comparison article, and the Top Gear team decided to whet our appetites with a very short teaser video (above).

As a refresher, each of the three hypercars uses electric motors to augment its immensely powerful internal-combustion engine, with the result being the fastest road cars in the history of each of the three car manufacturers. The Top Gear comparison should be something to watch, even if it doesn’t include Clarkson, Hammon and May.

Ferrari LaFerrari

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Exterior AutoShow
- image 496623

Porsche 918 Spyder

2014 Porsche 918 Spyder High Resolution Exterior
- image 535846

McLaren P1

2014 McLaren P1 High Resolution Exterior
- image 521823
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