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Mornin’ people! I woke up today hearing the bad news. All over the tv (well… one tv station) and all over the internet a piece of news spread around like alcohol before a prom night. Richard Hammond was implicated in a car crash while filming an episode of TopGear (PaulTan). My heart goes out to him and I wish him the best of luck. Also best wishes for my tv set, which suffered an accident for waking me up to early.

Moving on, after searching today’s headlines I came up upon a French title in which I understood (even dough my French is quite poor) that Europeans will have a new matter of concern. Starting from 2009 – Euro 5 is making its way into car production. Also form 2014 – we’ll check out Euro 6 (leblogauto) Jeez , 2014 , that’s a long way down the future path. I don’t what next week has reserved for me. Who knows by 2014 we’ll have flying cars or cars that drive themselves – which by the way is not such a big news( saw a movie on youtoube the other day.. think we have it somewhere in topspeed archives)

In other news, an English Lord - I presume lord because his name is Sir Clive Sinclair – created the micro bike (AutoExpress). That’s quite interesting. Also in the interesting department I saw today a map of European Radars (MotorPasion)- That could be helpful.

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99 radar map

Even dough I am not American, I do appreciate what the American people has created through out the years – the stock market, Oz – Federal Penitentiary, and the HEMI.( by the way the first two are some things I admire a lot , the third is some thing I worship) I’ve read this morning that HEMI engine production is set back by a fifth , due to gas mileage costs (AutoExpress). People! What’s wrong with you? You want power and gas consumption also? Can’t have both. Arghh I don’t know why I am so frustrated. I probably would buy a low mileage car also due to the prices of gas and the whole Iraq and petroleum thingy, but that my friends, is a whole other story.

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