• Japanese maker Mitsuka launched series version of Orochi sports car. AutoExpress

  • Mitsubishi’s i car has a long road in front of it. AutoWeek

  • Environmentalists creating pressure for European makers. DetNews

  • October 15-21 – National School Bus Safety Week. PR

  • False reports lead four of Toyota’s second hand sales employees under arrest. DetNews

  • UAW struggling to keep the jobs bank – program that requires to automakers to pay laid-off workers. Internal

  • Dual Clutch Gearbox for Chrysler’s next-generation mid-sized front drive vehicles. AutoWeek

  • Q7 shipments towards the US are getting smaller. AutoWeek

  • If this works – I’m gonna buy me a female for my car, to have some small minis. Who knows? They might grow up to be Rolls-Royces! :

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