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    TopSpeed Podcast Episode 009 - "A whole lotta Hyundai"

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    Happy Thursday, friends. We know it can be a slightly somber day for many of the F1 fans out there, but we are here to make your day a little better. It is time for the TopSpeed Podcast.

    Not only do we have the return of Mark to our podcast shenanigans, but we have video up and ready to post at the same time as audio. Yay us!

    This week’s show returns to our traditional format with the Weekly wheels coming first. I talk about a Buick LaCrosse, Mark discusses the Dodge Durango and Justin tries to mercilessly bash the Acura TL.

    Since Mark just got back form the drive of the all-new 2015 Hyundai Genesis we spend a good chunk of time discussing this new luxury performance machine. Afterwards we hit some more traditional news stories that include the first reviews and videos of the Ferrari LaFerrari, upgrades coming to the 2015 Chevrolet SS and the revival of Fisker.

    We had a pretty solid Q/A segment that includes stories of our past hooliganisms. how we would love to destroy cars, and we had a question about my GT-R drive.

    We finish the show with Own, Drive, Burn and a trio of Batmobiles.

    We hope everyone enjoys the show, and as always please send us any comments, questions or Own, Drive, Burn suggestions you have. You can reach us by email at, you can find us on Twitter @TopSpeedPodcast, or you can just sound off in the comments below.

    Happy Thursday, everyone. See you next week for EPISODE 010!

    Hosts: Christian Moe, Justin Cupler, Mark McNabb

  • TopSpeed Podcast Episode 009 -