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  • TopSpeed Podcast Episode 030 LIVE
    TopSpeed Podcast Episode 030 LIVE

    Well let’s get ready for another Podcast! Please join us Live Thursday September 25, 2014 at Noon EDT. We have a crazy show packed full of great and exciting things to share with you.

    We will start the show with Weekly Wheels, where I have been driving a new Subaru Outback, Mark was in the Audi A3, and Justin will talk about the Acura ILX. At least, if we don’t run into more technical problems, Justin will be here.

    For news we are going to talk about the potential for a four-door Lamborghini, the death of the Lotus Evora, and the potential 4 Series competitor from Infiniti. Mark wants to talk about trucks, so he has news about the GMC Canyon and Colorado that he wants to share, plus he wants to discuss the new GMC Sierra Elevation Edition.

    Thursday is also the day that the embargo lifts on my Forza Horizon 2 review, so I will have a LOT to say about that.

    We don’t have any viewer questions right this moment, but we will cover anything that comes up in the chat. We also have a nice new Own, Drive, Burn for you as well.

    Join us for this wild party; I promise you will be thoroughly entertained.

  • TopSpeed Podcast Episode 030 LIVE