It was a busy week, but we managed to cover SEMA from one end to the other without having a nervous breakdown. Now, after numerous looks at each of these vehicles, we compiled a small recap of what was shown at the auto event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There were a plethora of tuned vehicles, from Mercedes-Benz to Ford, and even a Ferrari. Each had their own unique style, with some wanting to make you sick, while others were visual masterpieces. Just imagine Fast and the Furious designs and you’ll get an idea of what some of these machines looked like.

Below is a list of most of the vehicles that were shown at the event. Take a look at all the vehicles and let us know which ones you thought were the creme de la creme.

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Spectre Land Speed Racer

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380623

To put into a few simple words, this is a vehicle uses a Cadillac motor and will be going after the land speed record. The Speedliner, with its Cadillac mill, was able to hit 336 miles per hour during Bonneville Speed Week earlier in the year. While this might seem quick, it’s nothing close to what the team hope to achieve.

Chevrolet Z-Spec Body Kits

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380630

This new kits are for the Chevrolet Spark, Cruze and the Volt, and Chevy hopes that will add a bit of flair to there small car lineup. The Volt received a set of lower rocker panels, a reworked rear fascia and blacked-out trim accent and don’t forget the 19-inch wheels. The Cruze came to the party wearing a complete body kit, unique paint and a new high-flow grille, sport springs, a set of 19-inch BBS wheels and a Brembo brake system. The Spark followed suit with a lovely orange paint scheme.

Superformance GS E-Rod

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380622

Basically, this is a vehicle that will help GM show off some its new motors. With a feathery light curb weight of just 2,500 pounds and a potent 551 pound-feet of torque on tap, this machine should be an absolute screamer. Other features include a Tremec six-speed manual transmission and a four-wheel disc brake system.

Honda Accord Crosstour HFP

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380625

Riding on 19-inch PDS-10 wheels wrapped in Yokohama ADVAN ST 245/50-series tires, this Crosstour uses a lowering kit to enhance the overall look and the make the styling bearable. Other features include a body kit new shocks and struts at all four corners and performance front springs.

Ford Taurus SHOx

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380638

The 365-horsepower EcoBoost V6 has been jacked up by a Hahn Racecraft Stage 1 upgrade package, meaning this bad boy sedan is now putting out 465 hp. We feel that this is the way it should have been from the start. Further modifications include a performance exhaust system, cold air intake kit, large Baer brakes hidden behind 22-inch Axiom forged wheels and a custom body kit. If your wife starts on you about all the money you’ve put into this vehicle, just turn up the 16,000 Watt stereo system.

1953 Chevy pickup E-Rod

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380651

This might look like an older truck, but don’t get fooled. Under the hood is a 315-horsepower, 335-pound-feet of torque E-Rod LS3 motor that rides on a chassis from the Trailblazer SS. GM says that the new E-Rod LS3 will have a price tag of $7,150.

Honda CR-Z concepts

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap High Resolution Exterior
- image 380637

This little hybrid stole the show for some reason, as tuners seemed to love to play with that small motor and cute styling. Honda has a grand total of 12 different CR-Zs on display at this year’s SEMA show. These include the Mugen and Hybrid R, as well as the Genuine Honda Accessories and HPD CR-Z Racer. Bigger tuning names include Bisimoto Engineering, DSO Eyewear, Eibach Springs, Fortune Motorsports and Konig Wheels.

Aftermarket tuned Subarus

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380645

There are numerous Subaru vehicles on hand, including Travis Pastrana’s New Year’s Eve Jump car and Nürburgring-blazing fastest WRX STI driven by Tommi Makinen. The other four include one by Kicker with a focus on audio performance, a K&N version that emphasizes street performance. Get More G’s teamed up with SPT to provide a nice look to a five-door WRX, and Subiefest Best of Show winner, Jamarri Whiteside, was able to display his 2006 Subaru WRX STI. Just because it’s four years old, doesn’t mean we don’t want to see it.

Toyota Camry NASCAR Edition

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
- image 380646

How do you take a boring four-door sedan and make in fun? Chop off two doors and add a V8 of course. That V8 is a 358 cubic inch TRD NASCAR powerplant producing 680 horsepower. In the style department, we can see nice shiny wheels and gorgeous white and red paint scheme.

Toyota Tundra Sportsman

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap High Resolution Exterior
- image 380649

The countryman’s wet dream has finally been made, expect it’s a Toyota, which might hamper things a bit. Either way, thisTundra was made for the outdoors. Basic stuff includes a 5.7-liter-V8 and the optional TRD Rock Warrior package. The insane stuff includes a gigantic deck that pops up and provides hunters with a camo’d perch. Around back, you get a kitchen and plenty of space to store your guns. Who needs a useless Hummer when you can have one of these?

Custom 2011 Chevy Camaros

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380659

Chevrolet has brought four different versions of the Camaro to SEMA, including on that looks about as red as red gets. The Red Flash Show Camaro is a V8-powered coupe with a modified intake and exhaust system. Oh, not to mention the paint. XM/Accessory Appearance Package V6 Camaro is more laid back than its red brother and the Synergy Series Camaro features interior and exterior colors not available on any other model in the Camaro range. Finally, we have the SSX Track Car, which is basically a track car.

Lexus Custom Hybrids

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap High Resolution Exterior
- image 380658

Lexus sure does love their hybrids and they have brought a fleet of them to SEMA. Vehicles include the F Sport CT 200h and the 0-60 tuned GS450h. There were a few others like the RX450h, theLS600h and the HS250h. While they might not as exciting as the massive motored muscle cars, they are doing a valuable service by helping cancel out the emissions at the show.

Mazda2 Street and Evil Track

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380640

The two Mazda2 variants are so amazing that we want them right now. The Evil Track is a tuned version of the base hatchback that gets a more aggressive look and some engine modifications. The Street version is more for, well, the street, as it lacks the big racing tires and fender flares. Still, we love it just as much.

C&A Toyota Prius

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380634

This was one of those, what the hell kind of cars. The Prius C&A Custom Concept wears an aggressive, lightweight carbon fiber body kit and rides on 18-inch forged aluminum wheels. It makes it look more angry, but does it actually do anything to make the Prius quick or fun to drive. The answer to that question would be no.

Dodge Challenger SRT8 392

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380627

While the Prius looks bad, the Challenger acts bad. With a new 6.4-liter V8 offering 470 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque under the hood, this muscle machine could make that little Toyota run and hide. The handling has been improved thanks to quicker steering, revised suspension settings, beefier shocks and added downforce

Chevrolet Corvette Z06X

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380633

This Z06X is a track ready version of the base Z06 Corvette and that’s saying something, as the normal version wasn’t exactly slow. The LS7 V8 benefits from a new low-restriction intake and a more robust coolant system to increase performance. Suspension upgrades include a mono-ball control arm bushings, adjustable stabilizer bars and a complete coilover suspension. To save weight, there is more carbon fiber on the body and a polycarbonate rear window.

Neiman Marcus Camaro

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380632

When you think of a store like Neiman Marcus, you certainly doesn’t think of muscle cars. Still, all 100 vehicles that were made sold in three minute, so maybe we should start putting the two together. The drop-top Camaro features a metallic purple paint, unique red-trimmed wheels and high-end interior. Thanks but no thanks on our end.

Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380642

Now let’s get one thing straight. The Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series isn’t exactly needing of work, but those SEMA folks just can’t keep their hands off stuff can they? The SL65 features fancy new tires, the ExtremeContact DW and ExtremeContact DWS to be precise, and skirts and splitters with carbon fiber trimmings everywhere. It certainly looks angry, but was it really necessary?

Airhead Kustoms Ford F-350

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380626

So, have you ever wanted your massive truck to have more power? Us too, and thanks to a Snow Performance water/methanol injection system, Nitrous Express diesel nitrous system and an AFE Power cold air intake, this F-350 packs a whole lot more power. Keeping the truck on the road DJM Suspension setup that uses front lowering beams, a rear flip kit and beefy shock absorbers. On the inside, you’ll find custom headliner and leather upholstery, plus some fancy computer systems.

Ford Taurus Interceptor Stealth

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380644

We think that all Taurus models should look like this. We love the black paint-scheme with the black wheels and we really love the EcoBoost V6 that lies under the hood. The interior features a police radio hidden in the console, along with the on-board computer and the glove box has a hidden space to hide weapons. This is some serious James Bond stuff.

Toyota Prius Plus

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap High Resolution Exterior
- image 380647

The version of the Prius is Toyota’s attempt at creating something sporty. It includes a seven-piece aero kit, new front and rear bumper spoilers, side skirts and rear diffuser. There are no motor upgrades, but the suspension has been overhauled for better handling. The Prius Plus will be offered by Toyota in April.

2011 Ford Fiestas

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380636

Like the CR-Z, these small little cars have attracted a serious tuner turn out. There are modified Fiestas from 3DCarbon, H&R Springs, Steeda Autosports and FSWerks are just some of what has been offered. We like the Ford Racing Performance Parts Fiesta, as it now puts out 350 horsepower. Practical, no, but it sure will be quick in a straight line.

Oakley Designs Ferrari 458

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380635

If there is one car that we really would love to own, it’s this awesome machine. That carbon fiber lip adds 50 pounds of downforce and that rear spoiler adds about 48 more pounds. Performance mods tune the car to 632 horsepower that help it hit 60 miles per hour in just three seconds. The top speed has been upped to 209 mph. Best car in the show? Possibly.

Toyota Swagger Wagon Supreme

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap High Resolution Exterior
- image 380648

This lowered and lengthened Swagger Wagon seems as if it would snap when it tried to move, but what do we know about engineering. The interior has a wood floor along with plenty of cabinetry, televisions and computer stuff. It would certainly make the kids happy, but we doubt if it drives well.

Chevrolet Corvette Jake Edition

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap High Resolution Exterior
- image 380639

Under all the fancy goodies is a Corvette Grand Sport that Jake has turned into a masterpiece. The car features a lovely black paint scheme with Competition Gray Z06 wheels and GT1 Championship Edition Jake-logo hood graphic. At the moment, this is only a concept version.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Off-Road Edition

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380631

Take a normal Grand Cherokee and jack it up for off-road ability to create one heck of a vehicle for the SEMA show. It comes with taller coil springs, 33-inch BFGoodrich tires and an array of trail-ready armor, including Mopar skid plates, rock rails and tow hooks. If ever live in the wilderness, this might be the way to go.

Mazda Miata Super20

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380641

This very well could be one of our favorite cars that was shown at SEMA. The 20th anniversary Miata packs a more aggressive look with wider fender flares, racing tires, and a nice gray paint job with neat graphics. To make it go, Mazda equipped it with a supercharged Cosworth motor, an ACT clutch, Mazdaspeed coilovers and shock tower brace, and Racing Beat hollow anti-roll bars.

Lingenfelter LTA

2010 Lingenfelter LTA Exterior
- image 381000

It might have an odd look, but that motor will make you forget about that. It’s a 455 cubic-inch with 655 horsepower and 610 pound-feet of torque. Covered in orange and with a monstrous shaker hood, the car is a tribute to Firebirds of old.

Statis Audi R8 Spyder

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380652

The newly tuned R8 V10 Spyder has been supercharged to deliver an incredible 710 hp and 523 lb-ft of torque. That translates into a 0-60mph sprint in just 3.1 seconds. The R8 V10 Spyder being that was presented at SEMA is a one-of-a-kind model created especially for the show.

Dodge Challenger Drag Pak

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380628

The Mopar Challenger V-10 Drag Pak is priced at $85,512 and comes with three options: Competition Package priced at $7,950, a Mopar logo body wrap priced at $950 and a range of body colors priced at $6,800. It comes equipped with an 8.4-liter 512 cubic-inch engine with a 2-speed automatic transmission. This vehicle is meant for straight line performance and we don’t think there will be many vehicles that can keep up down the drag strip.

Hyundai Sonata Turbo By Rides

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap High Resolution Exterior
- image 380643

The exterior sees new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, a rear spoiler, and a roof spoiler hidden behind the matte pearl paint job from BASF. Other options include a matte black debadged front grille, smoked taillights and painted headlights, and 20-inch Rennen Modular M9 concave wheels in a powder coated matte black and wrapped in Falken FK452 tires. The interior gets a combination of black leather and suede with red stitching, along with integrating carbon fiber trim throughout.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe by Gogogear Racing

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380657

Hyundai enlisted the help of Gogogear Racing to come up with the second model for the 2010 SEMA show. The 3.8 liter V6 engine found in the coupe will get an AEM air intake, Magnaflow exhaust system, and ARK Performance headers, as well as a new racing clutch and a six-speed manual transmission. The result is an impressive 330 HP and 280 lb. ft. of torque.

The Gogogear RacingGenesis Coupe will also feature Ground Control suspension tuning with ARK Performance shocks, springs, coilovers, and QA1 bearings. Stopping power will be coming from StopTech brakes and Hawk racing pads, along with Konig lightweight wheels and BF Goodrich R1 street legal race tires with aluminum light weight Gorilla lugs and H&R spacers.

ARK Track Time Attack Genesis Coupe 3.8L

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
- image 380655

The ARK Track Time AttackGenesis Coupe featured a long list of modifications. These include a custom exterior paint job, a supercharger kit that gives the 3.8-liter Genesis Coupe 450 horsepower, a Brembo Brake system, Toyo tires, Infinity sound system, Blitz gauges, ARK racing pedals and an ARK carbon hood.

Dodge RedLine Charger

TopSpeed's 2010 SEMA Motor Show Recap Exterior
- image 380656

The RedLine Charger featured a more aggressive body kit with new front and rear carbon fiber spoilers, carbon fiber mirror caps and a carbon fiber splitter.

The Charger also featured blacked-out headlights and taillights, 22-inch alloy wheels that are wrapped in Pirelli tires. The motor is the same 5.7-liter HEMI but with a new exhaust and cold-air intake.

To improve the handling, Mopar has created a new strut tower brace. Inside, the car will feature a black interior, performance seats trimmed in Radar Red Nappa leather with bright red stitching and a new SRT steering wheel.

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wow, those car are extremely cool..especially the jeep wrangler!! nice jeep..smiley

  (206) posted on 11.8.2010

Mistake on the 1953 Chevy pickup E-Rod post. Either it is the E-Rod 5.3L, as that makes 315hp/335lb-ft. Or it is the LS3 that makes 436hp/428lb-ft.

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