The Chevrolet Camaro is fresh for 2014 with a wide variety of new technology and features for all levels of the iconic pony-car lineup.

There are highlights at every price level, with the all-new Z28’s rainy-day lap record of the Nurburgring setting the tone for much more capable and handling-focused rear-drive sports coupes from Chevy in 2014.

The stars are aligned for TopSpeed and the Camaro as well, because no sooner did we stop speculating about the Z28’s driver on Twitter... a brand-new Camaro RS had arrived out front.

This RS is so far removed from all the previous appearance packages that comparing new to old is almost impossible. Despite carrying a DOHC V-6 engine in place of the Corvette’s OHV V-8, the Camaro RS sings with just as much throaty rumble under power.

How to make a V-6, direct-injection engine bellow? Four giant stainless tips peek out from below the new LED tail lights - giving a big clue that this is no old Vulcan V-6 Mustang.

Matching polished 20-inch alloys and LED lighting up front completes the Camaro RS’s exterior makeover.

But the ultimate show piece is the new dual-mode active exhaust option. At $900, this will be money in the bank for years to come. The baffles open at about 3,250 RPM and stay clear through the Camaro V-6’s 7,000 RPM red-line.

But if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million. Enjoy these first drive video reviews ahead of the full TopSpeed Driven review in the coming weeks.

Click past the jump for even more fun in the Camaro RS, including POV video of the hot new Chevy doing a pair of donuts in an empty parking lot, then roaring past a Mustang GT out on the road

TopSpeed Video: Chevrolet Camaro RS With Active Exhaust

TopSpeed Video: Chevrolet Camaro RS With Active Exhaust High Resolution Exterior
- image 528681

These videos definitely show how great the Camaro’s V-6 engine sounds with the optional exhaust system.

TopSpeed Video Review: Camaro RS With Active Exhaust

Interior Tech Detail - Frameless Mirror

More details about this cool detail feature are available here.

TopSpeed Video: Chevrolet Camaro RS With Active Exhaust Interior
- image 528680


TopSpeed Video: Chevrolet Camaro RS With Active Exhaust High Resolution Exterior
- image 528679

Across almost all price levels of Corvette and Camaro, the transformation fof this RS Camaro is a big achievement for affordable rear-drive performance shoppers everywhere. Stay tuned for a full review with all the specs next week!

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