2008 Escalade Hybrid

We have just been informed that General Motors will unveil a hybrid version of the Cadillac Escalde at the Miami Auto Show on November 9. The 2008 Cadillac Escalde Hybrid will be powered by an innovative, fuel-saving 2-Mode Hybrid system, the same used in the recently added Yukon Hybrid and Tahoe Hybrid.

Mitsubishi Concept cX

Mitsubishi announced at the Tokyo Motor Show, that the Concept cX first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, will go into production. The production version will be powered by a 1.8 turbodiesel common rail engine with a maximum power of 136 hp. With a total length of approximately 410 cm, the cX will be the one of the smallest in the segment of the cross-country vehicles. The Mitsubishi cX will be a competitor for the Toyota RAV4. Production version is expected to debut in 2009.

BMW CS Concept

At the Tokyo Motor Show, BMW confirmed that the CS Concept unveiled at the 2007 Shanghai Auto Show will indeed go into production. The production version is expected to be unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. The production model is supposed to be a competitor for the Mercedes CLS-Class. BMW has confirmed that the 2009 CS will keep the same kidney grille as the concept.

Cadillac CTS

The all-new Cadillac CTS made its Japanese debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. The new CTS features outstanding driving performance, and excellent exterior design. The CTS underwent a full redesign based on the Pursuit concept. Fitted with newly developed chassis and engine, its already well-established driving performance has been sophisticated further, while its comfort and safety levels have been significantly enhanced as well. Sporting all these features, the CTS will make a debut as the next-generation premium luxury sedan in Japan.

Nissan GT-R V- Spec

Nissan has confirmed at the Tokyo Motor Show that the powerful GT-R will also have a V-Spec version that will be sold starting 2010. The V-Spec is a more powerful version of the GT-R. The company confirmed that the car is nearly completed and will arrive in America about one year after the GT-R will go on sale, in early 2008.

2008 Saleen S281 RF

The S281 RF will offer a tremendous value by blending performance with distinct styling all at $49,995. Limited to only 100 units the RF features exclusive red accents, Saleen’s patented 465 HP twin-screw supercharger, and other Saleen performance parts. The S281 RF will only be available in two colors, black and alloy.

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