Days after we showed you photos of a mangled Dodge Viper that was the recipient of a tornado, we have yet another sports car that fell victim to another twister. Somebody better start building shelters for these poor cars.

This particular Corvette ZR1, which, by the way, cost the owner $120,000 to purchase has been reduced to nothing more than a $19,600 piece of wreck. As to what kind of catastrophe gave this Corvette ZR1 a smackdown of a lifetime? Yep. Another tornado in Texas.

If there is a silver lining to what was once a ZR1, it’s that some parts of the car, especially the 6.2-liter supercharged LS9 V8 engine, appears to have been undamaged so the owner can probably still fetch something out of his dilapidated sports car. Hey, it’s better than nothing, right?


Source: Corvette Blogger

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  (216) posted on 10.15.2010

TwinTurbo3000GT: At 155mph a car travels the length of 3 football fields per second. Add another 50mph, and that would be 4 football fields per second.

  (340) posted on 10.12.2010

Very cool car, but the sound in that video makes it sound like a UPS truck. I hope is sounds better than that!

  (407) posted on 06.17.2010

In order to sell vehicles, not only do they need a quality product (which by all accounts, they are doing well in that regard), but also advertising and marketing.

  (313) posted on 06.16.2010

what a disaster to the vette’.

  (228) posted on 06.15.2010

oh well nothing can stop the mother nature. Let’s be thankful that nothing bad happened to the owner.

  (329) posted on 06.14.2010

I guess some of it’s parts are can be used for chop chop.

  (392) posted on 06.14.2010

nahh this is no a piece of junk on the junk shop. I guess his insurance policy had a nature cause insurance.

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