You can’t say that Akio Toyoda isn’t keeping busy.

Ever since the new president of Toyota ascended to the position a few weeks ago, the grandson of company founder Kiichiro Toyoda has made a number of aggressive moves that designed to rejuvenate the struggling company. For one, it recently formed a partnership with UK-based Aston Martin, under which Toyota will supply Aston Martin with the Toyota iQ, which Aston Martin will sell in the UK as the Cygnet.

And now it looks like Toyota is far from finished.

According to reports circulating in Germany, Toyota is also in the process of
establishing a partnership with yet another European car maker: Daimler.

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I’m pretty sure you know who the guys at Daimler are. If you don’t, well they’re the parent company of Mercedes Benz and Toyota is seeking a potential partnership with Daimler that would allow the Japanese automaker the license to produce its own versions of a number of Mercedes vehicles, including its A - and B – class series’.

In addition to that, the partnership will also include a co-development program between Daimler and Toyota with regards to joining forces and co-developing the companies’ standard-bearer cars – Toyota’s Lexus LS and the Mercedes Benz S-Class.

The mere thought of Toyota and Mercedes exchange notes is enough to make us salivate at the potential this partnership can do for both companies. But as far as the people behind the move are concerned, they’re expectations are rather tempered compared to the rest of us.

A spokesman from Toyota told Automotive News: ““It’s part of our normal business practice that we regularly talk to other carmakers but there are no specific projects planned at the moment,”

Whether or not plans are underway, the possibilities are endless with a Toyota and Daimler alliance. For Toyota, it gives their Lexus brand an ally in Europe where it hasn’t had the same amount of success as it has in the US where it is consistently one of the most sought-after luxury cars.

All these activities from Toyota for the past couple of weeks all goes back to its new president, who, if for nothing else, we can say, is keeping his hands dirty. But that’s to be expected, yes?

For now, all we can do is wait - and hope - on what the future of the automotive industry is going to be if and when these two giants decide to team up.

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Uncia  (868) posted on 07.5.2009

Reliability is more important than style, and this decision won’t help Toyota one bit with the financial crisis when people stop buying their cars because they can no longer depend on them.

Uncia  (183) posted on 07.3.2009

I can’t wait for these two giants to team up. I hope that they would be able to engineer a really nice good looking cars. It would be a shame in the automotive industry if their rumored partnership would not do any good.

Uncia  (177) posted on 07.3.2009

Well, those are the opinion I would expect from the business side of automobile industry. But coming from car enthusiasts, that is supposed to be a good thing.because its their coping mechanism to the global financial crisis. This means that we would not lose good cars and instead get better ones through their partnerships.

Uncia  (180) posted on 07.3.2009

I think Uncia has a point. Besides, I wonder what a Japanese and British car crossbreed would look like. Japanese cars are making it on top of the list. And yes, they should be careful not to engage themselves with car companies who are now slowly losing their credibility.

Uncia  (868) posted on 07.2.2009

The Aston Martin-Toyota partnership seems alright, but this is just stupid. Next thing you know, what happened to Mercedes when they joined Chrysler is going to happen to Toyota upon joining Mercedes - their reliability is going to decrease dramatically. A couple decades ago, Mercedes was the greatest car in the world. Now they’re one of the worst. Toyota should know not to get themselves involved with inferior automakers.

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