Here we go again. With seemingly no end in sight to its recall woes, Toyota has announced that a number of their Lexus models have been found to have faulty engines will be subjected to another round of recalls. We’re only half past 2010, but the number of recalls that Toyota has been forced to issue has been staggering, even bordering on ridiculous.

In this latest round of recalls, Toyota announced that over 138,000 Lexus vehicles that have the following engines - 3.5- liter V6, 4.6 V8 and 5.0 V8 – are being recalled because of a potential foreign object within the engine that could lead to contamination of a number of the engine’s valve springs. Models that are affected include the 2006 – 2008 GS, IS, and LS models.

In a statement issued by Lexus regarding the problem, Lexus emphasized that the defect only has a remote possibility of occurring. “If a vehicle is affected, there is a remote possibility that abnormal engine noise or idling may occur. In extremely rare instances, the engine may stop while the vehicle is in operation," the company said.

Either way, Lexus isn’t taking any chances and they wouldn’t advise owners to ignore the potential problem. So, any owner of these models are all requested to have their engine valve springs fixed so as not to make things worse for the owner and the company.


Source: Lexus

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  (228) posted on 05.6.2011

A latest round of recalls, too bad for the consumers who bought Lexus. I am wondering if Toyota would offer refunds instead of replacing the cars? Am not familiar with this issue, so please help me to find out.

  (477) posted on 11.22.2010

It is another Trust issue. For people still making car payments on their Camry this will be yet another scary recall on top of the floor mats, pedals, etc.

  (702) posted on 11.9.2010

too bad for the Lexus owner but the we couldn’t admit that it looks good though..

  (831) posted on 11.3.2010

They’re actually ALSO RECALLING all of their plug-in hybrid vehicles in addition to the Prius, Lexus HS250h and Camry! They tried letting this one slip by too...

"The company’s plug-in hybrid is also being recalled in Japan, Europe and the U.S., but in small numbers because it is a largely experimental model for rental and government use."

  (313) posted on 09.29.2010

Ok fine it is a quality recall not a safety recall. It will still feel like a safety issue to the people it happens to. Imagine you are on a winter road trip 100 miles from home and suddenly oil starts spewing out of a line under the hood and the oil pressure drops and the light comes on.

  (708) posted on 08.10.2010

I should they are crazy! 138,000, its not a small figure. I think Toyota products must be compare to "China Products".

  (158) posted on 07.28.2010

It seems that Toyota never run out controversies.

  (939) posted on 07.12.2010

What is wrong with the American people. The first answer you get is well they’re made here. Hey 85% are made in Japan and what % goes to Japan that are made and sold here. Get real Americans, have you forgot Pearl Harbor.

  (807) posted on 07.11.2010

toyota used a brittle metal spring.

  (859) posted on 07.8.2010

How is it that some manufacturers put complete heaps of rubbish on the road and never recall them?

  (518) posted on 07.8.2010

I’m praying for that since I’ve always wondered if I was faster than Simon Cowell.

  (1023) posted on 07.7.2010

agree and still they installed it and sell to the market.. pretty nasty work by Toyota.

  (612) posted on 07.7.2010

toyota already knows about the Lexus spring valve problem 3 years ago and yet they still sell the defective engines.

  (555) posted on 07.6.2010

Oppsss toyota did it again.. I hope toyota corolla ALTIS is not included to the recalls.

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