Toyota Auris hybrid to be produced in the U.K.
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In light of the British car industry’s continued struggle in keeping with the times, it is getting help from an unlikely source. It was recently announced that Toyota, the Japanese auto giant, is set to produce its new Auris hybrid in two UK factories, providing a much-needed boost to an industry that has continued a rapid nosedive since the global economic crisis began.

The two Toyota factories which will be tasked to produce Toyota’s new line of hybrid cars includes the one in Deeside, Wales and the other in Desrbyshire, North England. The former will be tasked to produce the engines for the cars and bring it to the latter location where it will be assembled.

It’s a welcome boost for the guys over at the UK, which has seen its auto industry get crippled by the downtrodden times. Toyota’s announcement that it will be producing the Auris in the country not only helps with the employment line, but also provides proof that the British auto industry is indeed moving forward in shifting its priorities to specializing in green technologies and producing vehicles that fit that bill.

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According to Business Secretary Peter Mandelson: “We set out to make Britain the best place in the world to develop low carbon vehicles. These commitments, backed by the formidable skills of the U.K. automotive workers enable companies like Toyota to invest with confidence in low carbon car production in the U.K.”

The British auto industry’s swoon has been well-documented in the past and it’s looking like it’s going to make so much more than just opening two new factories for the entire auto industry to recover. But nevertheless, the production of the Auris hybrid in these two factories is a step in the right direction and for a country that’s in dire need of a much-needed spark, this just might be what the doctor ordered.

Source: Telegraph

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