The Cash for Clunkers program has been a blessing for the US auto industry. Not only have sales of vehicles picked up since the program opened its doors, but manufacturers – whether intentionally or not – have engaged in some sort of ‘race’ as to what car model comes out as the number one sold for the duration of the program.

Last week, we reported that the Ford Focus was leading the pack but now, it appears that we have a new pole-sitter in the form of the Toyota Corolla. It’s no surprise that the Corolla has been raking in strong numbers under the program - it’s only the best-selling car ever!

There’s no shame in second place for the Focus, especially if you’re going up against a car that’s sold once every 40 seconds(!) Third place goes the ever-popular Honda Civic while fourth and fifth places belong to the Corolla’s cousins, the Toyota Prius and the Toyota Camry, respectively.

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As far as manufacturers are concerned, the General Motors Co. has raked in the lion’s share, albeit in tight contested fashion, with 18.7% of all new car sales. A close second is Toyota with a 17.9% percent share of sales and the third place belongs to Ford with 16%.

While there are really no trophies or points awarded to whoever comes on top, it’s still pretty fun to keep tabs on what car – and manufacturer – most Americans are buying under the CFC program. At the very least, bragging rights are up for grabs.

Source: Fox News

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  (1211) posted on 03.7.2011

The bad thing about "cash for clunkers" for the manufacturer and dealers will be the number of sales would have happened in the not so distant future ere pulled forward. In a month after expect to hear from the dealers wishing the government to restart "cash for clunkers".

Uncia  (868) posted on 08.12.2009

The Civic is more fun and nearly as reliable as a Corolla, and as much as I love Toyota, I’d buy one instead. However, most comsumers are more interested in the Corolla’s greater refinement and smoother ride.

AK47  (1024) posted on 08.12.2009

The Civic is in my opinion far more fun and just as reliable.

Uncia  (868) posted on 08.7.2009

Having said that, I’d never own one, as I like a little more excitement in my vehicles. I’m a Toyota Supra/Honda Prelude type of guy.

The reason that this car is such a success is because it is the most practical value as far as the majority of motorists are concerned.

Uncia  (868) posted on 08.7.2009

It’s not so much what people "see" in the Corolla - sure, it’s not ultra-flashy nor is it as fun to drive as some of its competitors, but it’s fuel-efficient, well-priced, gets good crash ratings, won’t kill you over insurance rates and is above all else reliable. In reality, all a car needs to do is get you from point A to point B, and I can’t think of an affordable car that does this as efficiently, safely or economically as the Corolla, and it will for decades to come. It is history’s best-selling car, and practically speaking, it deserves it.

AK47  (1024) posted on 08.7.2009

I could never get what people see in this car.

AK47  (68) posted on 08.7.2009

To "bimmerman":

This whole Cash for Clunkers is to push for fuel-efficient, more environmently-friendly cars, not to just bail out the Big Three. Besides, selling the American-made Corolla helps for the jobs of the Americans building that car. Yes, maybe the money goes back to Japan. But also, you have to look at the other way. American companies also have factories in other countries. Building a car in Mexico, or South America, and paying back to the USA. Also, I don’t think restricting the program to just the Big Three would help their sales that much. Most people would not purchase a Cobalt or Caliber over a Corolla or Civic.

AK47  (116) posted on 08.7.2009

My brother bought a US-made Toyota Corolla, made in Fremont, CA. He bought it from AMERICAN car dealer (I don’t know of any foreign ones) that employed American workers. Now he drove his Corolla instead of his made-in-Mexico GMC Yukon SUV because he is getting way better fuel economy with his Corolla. What makes buying a Japanese brand car wrong when it is quite practical and efficient?

Uncia  (868) posted on 08.7.2009

We shouldn’t be scrapping them at all. That just cuts out all of the people who could have bought them used, and if it’s a real clunker, this is bad for the plants that re-use engine parts and what not.

Uncia  (137) posted on 08.7.2009

Well, this is my comment to the issue. Maybe car companies could afford to hire american workers if they got a piece of that 3 billion dollar pie.. i am not saying the world is without its catches, but come on people! and maybe if those other workers would not work for such crazy low wages, that is riduclous, one job should have the same amount of monetary value no matter what country you are in, a janitor should get paid the same if he is cleaning toilets in america than in mexico.. true americans think “they are above that” and that is what is wrong with this world. people need to get off their butts and make a living and support their families, there are to many people that take advantage of the system!

Uncia  (78) posted on 08.7.2009

To be honest. I REALLY wish the govt would issue some clearer rules about the “scrap value”. My dealer said that they were getting $50 for each clunker from the scrap yard and they were entitled to keep the $50. I think that the dealer pulled my leg on that one.

Uncia  (177) posted on 08.7.2009

Hey pal, just a little advise here regarding that 50 dollars kick of the thing. Scrap value is where the dealers are screwing the customers. When they submit a claim for reimbursement they are required to certify that they have given the buyer an estimate of the scrap value of the clunker. They are also required to certify that they have kept no more than $50 of that money.

Tell your dealer that if they don’t notify you honestly of the scrap value and/or if they keep more than $50 of that money, you’ll turn them in to the CARS hotline. That, and only that, will get their attention.

Uncia  (79) posted on 08.7.2009

Man, these cars are selling like hot cakes this summer...what should we complain about is the dealership kickback on clunkers where they get 50 dollars per clunker...that is awfully awfully bad business I must say.

Uncia  (868) posted on 08.7.2009


The government couldn’t have offered this exclusively for American cars, as it violates the UN’s "anti-discrimination of products" or what ever it’s called. This is a stupid program altogether, and in speaking of the economy, offering to all companies rather than the Little 3 is no worse, because the vast majority of "American" cars are’t even built here, whereas Nissan and Honda have had plants here for over two decades, and Toyota actually has more American employes than Ford and Chrysler combined. In fact, the only car in the world that is built in America, assembled in America and was designed by Americans is the Toyota Venza.

Uncia  (231) posted on 08.7.2009

Same here. Whether the car is American Made or not, American workers are employed at these American dealerships. If I were going to Japan to buy a car from a Japanese dealership, that’d be a different story right?

Uncia  (289) posted on 08.7.2009

If Toyota is making a wave out of government initiated program it only means two things. 1. it means the buyers are getting better choices thus they are taking a good buy for thier money. 2. its a free competition, it means the Japanese brands are more competitive and more practical to buy. Why feel bad about this?

Uncia  (318) posted on 08.7.2009

I think before we go sentimental over this thing let as look at the brigth side—it is fueling the car industry once again. Besides there is truth in this cash for clunker program, many of GMC’s cars are mostly a clunker...if GMC is America’s brand then let it show more confidence by improving its line up for good.

Uncia  (314) posted on 08.7.2009

I am sorry but my sentiment towards this matter will be a little different. It seems that Americans are put to work in toyota and hyundai factories but the amount of money that is paid to them is nothing that is paid to japan and its stockholders! This program should be for american made car program only! we just bailed them out and now we are bailing out the foreign companies, it is a joke right!

Uncia  (421) posted on 08.7.2009

This sounds good news to the auto industry after long months of lukewarm reception due to the effects of recession. I think this program will not only benefit the industry but also the buyers for the good buys they are getting from more practical choice they make in buying their new car.

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