The world’s first technology for automatically delivering differential map data to car navigation systems is developed by Toyota . 

Toyota named this technology "Map on Demand" and will be made available to Japanese drivers as a new feature as a part of Toyota’s G-BOOK telematics service from the spring of 2007.

Developed with Aisin AW Co., Ltd., Zenrin Co., Ltd., Denso Corporation and Toyota Mapmaster Incorporated, Map on Demand delivers updated data on all Japanese expressways and toll roads, as well as on roads near the registered home of the subscriber and on roads in the vicinity of user-specified destinations. Data is delivered via Cell phone networks and Internet downloads are used to provide the data for the system

The Toyota’s Map on Demand will be focused on updating the areas specified by users, and not only on storing a nationwide basis—involving a large volume of data and requiring considerable data transfer time and cost, like the convetional ones.

Toyota developed Map on Demand
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The update area is extended to include connection to another road in cases were modified road extends beyond the area specified by users for updating .This allows the car navigation system to provide route-connection information, with such connection information covering all roads throughout Japan.

Map on Demand greatly shortens the renewal cycle by delivering data soon after roads have been changed, while conventional data renewal is done only twice a year—often resulting in a delay in the availability of up-to-date information 

Updated data is sent out about seven days after a new thoroughfare is open to traffic on the case of expressways and toll roads; as soon as relevant information becomes available the maps for other roads are updated.

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