Toyota had developed the world’s first system for detecting rear-end collisions before they happen. This is one of the step they had to do in order to "develop vehicles that will have zero traffic accidents" as they are planing too.

The system consists of a radar device that is installed in the rear bumper of the car, radar that will detect the vehicle approaching from behind. In the front headrests the sensors detect the position of the driver and front passenger’s heads, and shift the headrests’ position to reduce the risk of whiplash injury. There are also installed Hazard lights that are starting to flashing to warn the driver of a possible crash from behind.

The Lexus LS luxury vehicles, on sale starting September in Japan, will have installed a sophisticated computer like “a human brain” to pack the latest safety features such as the rear-end pre-crash system.

The rear-end crash system will not yet be offered in the U.S. and European plans are undecided, but the Lexus going on sale will offer the other safety features, said executive vice president Kazuo Okamoto.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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