Tesla is an innovative company that, despite a lot of negative news recently, is rather successful as far as gaining a loyal following of customers and prospective customers. So successful, in fact, that so far Tesla has received more than 300,000 reservations with $1,000 deposits without a single one of them knowing what the car will look like or any specifications whatsoever. While some manufacturers have flat out said that Tesla isn’t one of their competitors, Nissan and BMW have both run advertisement campaigns attempting to poach Model 3 customers. Now, Toyota has done the same thing, boasting its Mirai and the term “No Waiting to Buy.”

If you recall, it started out with Nissan pushing its electric vehicle, the Leaf, and it’s laughable 84 to 107-mile range. Then, not long after that, BMW tried to boast its 330e plug-in hybrid and its hilarious all-electric range of just 14 miles. Nissan’s campaign boasted that purchasers get cash back and don’t have to wait, while BMW’s campaign involved a video titled “Wait or Drive” that included charging stations that look suspiciously similar to Tesla’s superchargers. Toyota’s campaign is powered by Google Ads and was first announced by Instagram user Activegareth when he searched for the term “Tesla Model 3 speed.” The ad included wording like “Mirai is Available Now,” “No Waiting to Buy,” and even had a dedicated web address of Toyota.com/Tesla-Model-3.

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Tesla must have Ivory Tusks

So, here’s the deal. The Nissan Leaf, despite its previous ad aimed directly at Tesla, is doing horribly. According to a report from Electrek, sales of the Leaf were down 53.5-percent for the month of May alone in comparison the May of 2015. As of June of 2016, Leaf sales were reportedly down by 39 percent for the same period last year. There’s no word on how well BMW’s 330e is doing, but with a price of $44,100 and a 14-mile all-electric range, I can’t imagine its ad did it too much justice either.

Toyota Follows Nissan and BMW in Attempt to Poach Tesla Customers
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To put things into perspective, we’ve put together the chart you see above. While the Model 3 will have a price point just a tad bit higher than the Leaf, it offers more than double the mileage, even with the larger battery pack. Meanwhile, the BMW is the worst option of the 3 with its sad range and excessive price tag. Apparently, Nissan, BMW, and now Toyota just don’t understand that Tesla has a brand loyalty for its electric cars that they don’t. If they really want to take on Tesla and poach some of its Model 3 customers, maybe it should offer up something that can actually compete with the Model 3. Otherwise, those loyal Tesla customers aren’t going to go anywhere. Of course, automakers can all keep trying to boast subpar models; we’re all getting a lot of good laughs as they shoot themselves in the foot.

On a side note, I have tried the Toyota web address shown in the ad you see above, and it returned an error saying the page isn’t available. Maybe Toyota decided it was a bit too much, either that or the whole thing was fabricated. Either way, it’s pretty funny.

Source: Instagram - Activegareth

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