While the Volkswagen Tiguan concept car has just been unveiled at LA auto show last year, it seems the hostility already started from Toyota.

The new weapon: Tiguan.com domain name. This name will obviously be typed in by numerous buyers when the car will be available someday in 2008 but they might be surprised to see toyota.com website coming up on their screen. it is surprising to see this kind of maneuver from a big car manufacturer. Are they really afraid of the Tiguan that much ? I admit the name itself is scary.

We remember the domain name was for sale just a few days after the name Tiguan was released by volkswagen. If I remember well the price was $5,000. It seems that Toyota was faster than VW on this one.

It will be interesting to see who will be owner of the name when the Tiguan will effectively be on sale sometime in 2008.

The Volkswagen Tiguan will to compete with the Toyota RAV4, Honda CRV and Hyundai Santa fe.

Toyota goes into domain name war with Tiguan.com
- image 140300
Volkswagen Tiguan rendering
Toyota goes into domain name war with Tiguan.com
- image 140303
Toyota RAV4

UPDATE: One of our reader, made a clever remark about this domain name tiguan.com pointing to toyota.com: "it might be a manipulation from the domain name owner to force Volkswagen to buy the domain, if they want to avoid sending free buyer to the competition". We’ll need an official answer from Toyota to know if they benefit free web traffic... or not.

Toyota goes into domain name war with Tiguan.com
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  (512) posted on 02.11.2010

or maybe toyota is just jealus with VW Tiguan because of the Number 1 in Euro? IMO tiguan is way better than the RAV 4 in performance and Exterior looks.

Lucca  (28) posted on 01.17.2007

i can see a lawsuit brewing...

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