Revealed back in June at the Tokyo Motor Show, the production version of the Toyota FT-86 concept will go on sale sometime in 2011 with a fully loaded sport compact going for more then $27,000. However it looks like Toyota is taking a page out of the Korean car builder Hyundai’s book when they created the enthusiast targeting Genesis Coupe R Spec, a cost effective variant that comes with everything you need to have fun behind the wheel and nothing else in order to keep the price in a reasonable range for consumers. According to Evo Magazine, Toyota is also preparing a track tuned version of the AE-86 successor that will be considerably cheaper than the standard FT-86.

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The FT-86 is already a hit with with its compact, rear wheel drive sports car layout powered by a 2.0 Liter horizontally opposed flat four being supplied by Subaru. However the track version would make things even better for enthusiast drivers thanks to a stiffer suspension and beefier brakes, not to mention a price tag of around $22,000. In its non boosted form the FT-86 makes 150 HP, but the automaker is toying around with the idea of a more powerful supercharged version depending on consumer demands. What we would like to see is a value oriented FT-86 will all the go fast parts, forced induction and Takumi’s classic panda paint scheme. Then we will seriously consider filling out an order form.


Source: FT86club

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  (428) posted on 03.3.2010

Every now and then I consider Toyota as a same old style car. Nothing much to offer but now look at this new model. Great improvement for Toyota.

  (780) posted on 12.28.2009

Agree with you UNCIA, turbo charger is not quite good for FT-86, wow another legend will born. I wonder what will i look like if the paint is like takumi’s AE86?

Uncia  (868) posted on 12.24.2009

Yes, Toyota, supercharge it! Just don’t turbocharge it though. That’s fine for track cars like the Supra, but for something like this that can be used everyday superchargers are the way to go.

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