Toyota has announced that a production version of the IQ Concept will be unveiled in January 2009. But even if the IQ will be the world smallest four-seater, it won’t be wolds cheapest car: it will cost about €13,000. Toyota plans to sell 80,000 units of its IQ minicar in Europe in the first 12 months after its introduction.

"The IQ concept is designed to reflect and enhance the lifestyle of its owners. In an urban environment, people want to express themselves through dynamic and on-the-edge design, but at the same time rational factors such as size, functionality and CO_ emissions cannot be ignored. Bringing these contradictory aims together in synergy was critical to the IQ concept, and is a way of thinking we call the ’J-factor’, a philosophy at the heart of all our activities."

Just a palm shorter than three meters in length – at 2.98 meters precisely - the IQ concept is a radical new approach to vehicle packaging and design. It challenges the current limitations of ultra-compact urban transport by offering an interior capable of seating four or three adults and luggage space - a unique versatility within a minimal footprint.

The IQ concept sets out to be, and succeeds, as the world’s smallest four seat passenger concept car. At less than three metres in length (2980mm) it is 425mm shorter than the Toyota Aygo and more than 770mm shorter than the Toyota Yaris. Yet, in width and height (1680mm x 1480mm) it is comparable to Yaris – so the ultra compact exterior dimensions hide a big interior heart.

Source: Automotive News

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pdaix  (431) posted on 09.18.2007

This is about time that the Smart car get some serious competition. In Europe, the smart cars are everywhere and they make a fortune for the past 5 years without any serious competition. The Toyota looks nice and should be a very serious competitor.

I wonder how many Smart will be sold in the US though. But if you live in a big crowded city and stay 80% of the time in downtown area it is a good buy.

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