• Toyota Is Now Taking Orders For The 2016 Mirai

Following a couple of announcements that it plans to increase production of the upcoming 2016 Toyota Mirai due to unexpected demand, Toyota has finally begun taking orders for the hydrogen-fueled family car. Starting today, California drivers who want to switch to alternative fuel can request a Mirai using Toyota’s dedicated Web page here.

However, the process is a bit different than placing an order for conventional cars, as production of the Mirai is limited. Specifically, vehicles will be placed with "select, eligible customers" which will be contacted directly by a Toyota representative to discuss ownership.

The first examples of the Mirai are set to arrive in October 2015, when selected customers will take delivery from one of the eight authorized Toyota dealers across California. Each Mirai will cost $57,500 plus an $835 destination fee.

A group of lucky customers will also benefit from the Mirai Trailblazer support program, which includes three choices: APR Support of 0% for 60 months + $7,500, Purchase Support of $7,500, or Lease of $499 per month for 36 months and $3,649 due at signing.

As a brief reminder, all Mirais come with three years’ of complimentary fuel, Safety Connect and Entune with hydrogen station finder app, and 24/7 customer call support. Other benefits include no-cost scheduled maintenance for three years or 35,000 miles, no-cost enhanced roadside assistance for three years, regardless of mileage, and eight-year/100,000-mile warranty on key fuel cell vehicle components.

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Why it matters

On paper, the Toyota Mirai is a revolutionary car. It has the highest EPA estimated driving range of any zero-emission EV at 312 miles and it is said to return 67 mpge combined. On top of that, it comes with three year of free hydrogen and seating for up to five, which pretty much makes it the perfect family.

But there are a few questions waiting to be answered here. First, is the Mirai as reliable as a gasoline car? Second, will it be a feasible project for Toyota given it’s only available in California and costs nearly $50K? And third, will there be a proper network of hydrogen refueling stations to make driving a Mirai across the U.S. easier in the future?

I guess we’ll find out more about that and if the Mirai is indeed one of the most overrated cars sold in the U.S. soon enough.

2016 Toyota Mirai

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Find out more about the Toyota Mirai in our review here.

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Press Release

Three, two, one…..liftoff! The Toyota Mirai customer order request portal is live and California customers should beam themselves to www.toyota.com/mirai to seek to claim their place in automotive history.

The Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle combines hydrogen and oxygen to make electricity onboard, while emitting nothing but water vapor. It has the highest EPA estimated driving range rating of any zero emission electric vehicle on the market, at 312 miles, and offers an EPA estimated 67 mpge city/highway/combined.

California customers can request a Mirai by visiting www.toyota.com/mirai. Production of the Mirai is limited and vehicles will be placed with select, eligible customers. After placing a request, potential Mirai drivers will be contacted directly by a Toyota representative to discuss ownership and next steps.

When Mirai begins arriving in October 2015, customers will take delivery from one of the eight authorized California dealers of their choosing. In Southern California, Longo Toyota, Toyota of Orange, Toyota of Santa Monica or Tustin Toyota will take care of Mirai trailblazers. Customers in Northern California will visit Roseville Toyota, San Francisco Toyota, Stevens Creek Toyota or Toyota Sunnyvale. MSRP will be $57,500 plus an $835 destination fee.

In order to recognize our trailblazing customers who are participating in automotive history, a select group of qualified customers will be eligible for a Mirai Trailblazer support program. This program is designed to enhance the purchase and ownership experience by providing the following choices:

Trailblazer APR Support: 0% for 60 months + $7,500 or
Trailblazer Purchase Support of $7,500 , or
Trailblazer Lease: $499 per month for 36 months, $3,649 due at signing

The Program will be available to all qualified 2016MY Mirai customers who have eligible orders1 placed in the Mirai Order Request system, OR have taken delivery of their Mirai, by 12/31/15. No security deposit required.

1Eligible orders are those that have reached “Dealer Review” status.

In addition to distinctive style, performance and zero emissions, MY16 Mirai drivers will enjoy a comprehensive, ownership experience offering a range of world-class services, including:

Three years’ worth of complimentary fuel [1]
Three years complimentary Safety Connect and Entune, including hydrogen station finder app.
Three years of 24/7 customer call support.
Mirai Complimentary Rental Experience for seven days per year for three years.[2]
ToyotaCare[3], our standard no cost service plan and roadside assistance, is enhanced for Mirai and offers:
No cost scheduled maintenance for three years, or 35,000 miles, whichever comes first[4].
No cost enhanced roadside assistance[5] for three years, regardless of mileage, including expedited towing service and trip interruption reimbursement at a maximum of $500 per day for up to 5 days per incident.[6]
8-year/100,000-mile warranty on key fuel cell vehicle components including the FC stack and power control unit; FC hydrogen tanks; hybrid battery pack and ECU; FC air compressor, boost converter and ECU; hybrid control module (power management control module); and hydrogen fueling ECU.[4]

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