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A series of significant technical enhancements to the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser are designed to keep it at the forefront of the European Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment. The upgrades mean more power for the popular 3.0 D-4D diesel engine, better economy for the powerful V6 petrol and more driving pleasure across the range – thanks to reduced noise and vibration levels. As a result of the engine upgrades, all models in the Land Cruiser range are now fully Euro 4 compliant.

More powerful D-4D diesel

The 3.0 litre D-4D (designated 1KD) in the Land Cruiser is already one of the most technically advanced diesel engines in the world, developing 410 Nm of torque to fully justify the vehicle’s ‘go-anywhere’ reputation. Now power output has been increased still further – up to 127 kW (173 hp DIN) at 3,400 rpm - and the maximum torque band widened across 1,600 rpm to 2,800 rpm.

Despite the power increase, CO2 emissions from the 3.0 D-4D are down and the engine now complies with Euro 4 emissions standards.

Technical improvements to the engine include:

more precise control of the swirl control valve in the two separate inlet ducts. The swirl valve is positioned according to engine running conditions and now has a three-step setting to improve low-speed torque and reduce emissions.
a bypass to the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) cooler which results in lower emissions at cold start or in other cold running conditions.
a rotary solenoid throttle offers quicker throttle response, improving driving pleasure and giving more precise control of EGR.

Better economy for V6 petrol

Better fuel consumption has been achieved by fitting a flex lock-up system to the advanced automatic gearbox that is standard on the V6 petrol Land Cruiser. The flex lock-up system allows increased lock-up clutch operation range by maintaining controlled slip.

Combined fuel consumption for the 3 door V6 is now down to 12.3 litres/100km (12.4 l/100km for the five door) and CO2 emissions are reduced too – down to 288 g/km and 291 g/km respectively.

More driving pleasure with upgraded diesel

Advanced, second generation common-rail diesel injection, low compression ratio and advanced combustion control mean the 3.0 D-4D Land Cruiser is already one of the smoothest and quietest diesel SUVs on the market. Now extra sound insulation around the engine and behind the instrument panel will result in even less noise and harshness for passengers.

Acoustic windshield glass becomes standard equipment and Urethane foam insulation is increased around the engine bay. The large engine cover over the intercooler not only enhances appearance but also reduces engine noise.

New technology means ownership costs should be reduced with the adoption of an oil monitoring system which allows improves the durability of the engine and can result in extended service intervals.

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