At the Melbourne International Motor Show Toyota will reveal its new locally designed TRD range of prestige performance vehicles. There two performance cars will be launched for the 2007 year, both using supercharged V6 engines. The TRD Aurion sports sedan will use 3.5-litre engine while the HiLux sports utility will benefit of a larger 4.0-litre V6. Both The TRD HiLux was shown as a concept in Melbourne last year but will came as a production model this year in March at the same Motor Show. The two car have extensive performance improvements in engine, brakes and suspension.

Toyota launches TRD performance cars
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 About TRD Australia

TRD (Toyota Racing Development) Australia is the performance vehicle department of TMCA. TRD will offer vehicles that emphasize refined power and athletic driving dynamics.

To mark the establishment of this exciting new performance arm, Toyota’s rally team will be renamed Team TRD. The team’s turbo Corollas debuted a new livery in the 2006 Forest Rally in WA.

Motorsport is the ultimate test bed for engineers and the lessons learned by Team TRD in the forest will be applied to the development of the TRD range of high-performance vehicles. Team TRD’s principal, Neal Bates, has already been involved in the development of prototype vehicles for TRD. The Team TRD Corolla uses a number of standard production parts.Toyota will offer other models under the TRD performance brand. Vehicles under consideration include Corolla and HiLux.

TRD Aurion

The first TRD vehicle is the high-performance version of Toyota’s new V6 large car, the Aurion.

Powered by a locally tuned supercharged 3.5-litre V6 engine, the Aurion performance derivative will offer a complete performance package with the accent on refined power and athletic driving dynamics.

Toyota Australia gave the Australian public a first glimpse of its new TRD Aurion at this year’s Melbourne International Motor Show with the Future Performance Concept.

Toyota launches TRD performance cars
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Styled by Toyota Style Australia and developed by TRD’s Australian engineers, the performance model will be unique in the Toyota world. The Aurion performance derivative will be launched in the second quarter of 2007.The engine is still in the final stages of development so final power and torque figures are not yet available. For reference, the standard Aurion engine will produce more than 190kW.

Toyota launches TRD performance cars
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RD Australia’s engineers developed the vehicle with support from Toyota Japan.TRD Australia will continue to use Toyota’s global engineering resources and draw upon the corporation’s vast performance car experience to develop TRD high-performance vehicles.

In Australia TRD will become an importand brand will be a long-established umbrella for Toyota racing activities around the world.

Toyota launches TRD performance cars
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