This much we know about Toyota since Akio Toyoda took the helm as company president: when they screw up, it doesn’t take forever for them to apologize and assume responsibility for their follies.

Whether it’s an emotional press conference from Toyoda himself or a tear-jerker ‘Commitment’ advertisement for the Super Bowl, the brand knows well enough that the two most important words in this situation are ‘damage’ and ‘control’.

So despite the cheesy nature of their new commercial, we have to applaud Toyota for owning up to their mistake. They messed up and they’re taking full responsibility for it.

Whether or not the consumer outrage over this global recall of Toyota vehicles softens up is an entirely different matter. But for now, apologizing and ensuring its consumers that their fully committed to make things right is a good start for the brand to fully redeem itself.


Source: Toyota

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  (1211) posted on 07.14.2011

Well, I think that’s the very good thing they’ve ever done after causing much trouble by their products. I’m Toyota will take care of the past problem and hopefully brings back a better result.

  (780) posted on 02.8.2010

Well even though acknowledging your mistakes and admitting them are one of the hardest thing to do, it is still just right that they do admit it. I mean who else is there to blame but them? The announcement or the release should have been made days ago. Anyways, with or without apologies, I don’t think that there would be a lot of people who will still be trusting the manufacturer.

  (868) posted on 02.8.2010

Yeah; they’re even recalling all of the Pontiac Vibes - a twin of the Matrix - and fixing them for free because GM says they don’t have to because they killed the Pontiac brand. Toyota is even committed to other companies’ customers just to ensure peoples’ safety even though their own warranties don’t have anything to do with Toyota.

  (1332) posted on 02.8.2010

well i don’t blame people for their mistakes, and nobody is perfect. the good thing is they are man enough to handle their mistakes.

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