Toyota has taken the extra step. Instead of just offering iPod integration on their new cars, Toyota has released a kit that allows retrofitting current Lexus and Toyota models with iPod integration. 
The kit fits into the vehicle’s glove box and connects the iPod to the vehicle audio system. When the iPod is connected, the iPod functions can be controlled through the audio systems controls, including any steering wheel mounted controls. The audio unit’s display will show the iPod text readouts, as well. It also permits recharging the iPod battery.
The kit costs about $300.00, is certified by Apple for quality, and takes, according to Toyota, about an hour to install.

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  (518) posted on 03.3.2010

From radios to tapes, from tapes to CDs, from CDs to USB readers, and from USB readers to Ipod integration.... not bad at all. The entertainment system on our vehicles are getting more awesome but at the same time more dangerous at some point. Things like TV can become a lot more distraction than entertaining.

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