Toyota’s lineup of TRD Pro lineup offers some of the best off-road vehicles to ever roll of a factory assembly line. All three iterations of the TRD Pro series – the Tundra, Tacoma, and 4Runner – come packed with all the goods needed for romping through the desert or climbing over a pile of rocks. To help promote this, Toyota released this video to help explain what the TRD Pro series is all about.

All three vehicles start off with 4WD coming standard, as do remote reservoir shock absorbers, thick skidplates, and unique wheel and tire packages. The Bilstein shocks are all heavily upgraded over the standard shocks found under each truck, helping them cope with the rough, uneven terrain found off the beaten path. Those found under the Tundra come with what Bilstein calls “Zone Control;” basically a fancy name for progressive shocks. They feature three zones for a smooth ride at normal shock compression and a firm resistance as the shock compresses. The shocks also work in conjunction with other suspension bits for a increase in ride height on each truck. Best of all, all three vehicles retain the same payload and towing capacities as their non-TRD Pro counterparts.

All three trucks feature unique grille designs with large TOYOTA block lettering in place of the standard Toyota symbol. A choice of black, white, and bespoke “Inferno” paint colors helps keep them separated from the pack.

Having driven all three trucks on various types of terrain, including rock-strewn hills, muddy swamps, and high-speed dirt roads, I can attest to how well each handle the rough stuff. I’m glad Toyota is brave enough to offer such a competent off-road package and I look forward to what engineers have in store for the updated 2016 Tacoma.

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