Toyota Prius Black Bison Edition by Wald International

Toyota Prius Black Bison Edition by Wald International
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The only thing better then getting 50 MPG from a Toyota Prius hybrid is tuning one. The Japanese aftermarket specialists at Wald International have made a name for themselves with their lineup of ultra aggressive Black Bison body kits for everything from the Nissan GT-R to the Toyota Land Cruiser. Another Toyota, a much smaller and much less thirsty, but equally as mean lookingPrius has just joined the Black Bison ranks. Wald International has added a full front bumper with more sculpted lines, side vents, wide body fenders and the all important oversized driving lights. This is only the firs image of the modified hyper miler, so stay tuned for more details.


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  (592) posted on 11.30.2010

The body kit looks alright on the Prius alright, and it looks aggressive, but, wouldn’t it be disappointing to see a Prius all dressed up on a car show and then finding out later on that its not as fast as other tuned cars? I mean how fast can a hybrid Prius take you anyways?

  (406) posted on 02.14.2010

Now that is a simple yet elegant way to style up your Prius. I like it on how black and white makes it all work. You get to have 50 MPG and still roll in style if you had one of these.

  (798) posted on 01.13.2010

Really looks powerful for a hatchback that have a body of a GT-R. The tweaks of Wald really push this hatchback on the list of most promising tweaks that line up with the Subaru WRX STI and the Volkwagen Golf.

  (780) posted on 12.14.2009

I think it’s featured on a GT game. Anyways I’m not a Toyota fan in terms of car assembly because I have some blue print of their work. I think when people see this car they’ll say "yeah, it’s cool, what else?"

  (815) posted on 12.13.2009

cool body kits from wald International, especially Body kits for Toyota Prius, I guess these Kits are also good to fit in Ford Focus. making a sports car more sporty on the Outside.

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