When Toyota decided to create a marketing campaign around the 2010 Toyota Prius, not a lot of people would have even thought that the Japanese automakers would use flower pots – enormous ones, at that – as its central marketing tool in promoting the Prius.

You can’t blame Toyota for not thinking out-of-the-box with this one. Apparently, nothing is safe from the clutches of technology these days, even garden ornaments.

If you happen to be in the Boston area, you might want to check out Prudential Plaza and see these strange yet eye-catching pots, which incidentally stands at an attention-seeking 18 feet. While you’re at it, bring your laptops with you because these pots really do have Wi-Fi connections, thanks to the solar panels attached to the petals and stems of these sculptures.

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For its part, Toyota put up these flower pot sculptures as part of its exhibit in promoting the Prius. Aptly dubbed, ‘Harmony Between man, Nature and Machine, the exhibit – yes, including these pots – will make stops at a number of American cities, including New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

If you live in any of these cities, don’t forget to catch the Wi-Fi enhanced flower pots at a still-to-be-determined location in your area. Come for the exhibit or, if for nothing else, the free Wi-Fi.

Source: Miami Herald

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