Toyota, the manufacturer with the almost legendary reputation for quality, is recalling the floor mats from 24,500 Toyota and 30,500 Lexus vehicles from model years 2007 and 2008.
It is a safety recall.
Toyota manufactured defective and dangerous floor mats.
The recall officially affects only Camry and the Camry clone, the ES 350. But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is advising owners of other Toyota models, including the Prius, Avalon, Tacoma, and RAV 4 to be sure that the floor mats in their cars are properly secured. The unusual step of publicizing the problem in other models suggested that the recall could be expanded if additional reports of problems involving mats in those vehicles are received by NHTSA.
The recall was triggered after an investigation by NHTSA of over 40 reports of floor mats shifting and jamming the accelerator pedal so that the car accelerated on its own. In twelve of those incidents, there were injuries.

One driver claimed that his Toyota hit speeds of 100 m.p.h. over a five mile stretch of road. Another claimed she had lost control of her Lexus on the interstate, completely destroying the car. Though it might seem obvious that the car could be stopped by simply turning the key to “off,” apparently these models were equipped with pushbutton ignition switches and could not be turned off.

Toyota had tried to avoid a recall, claiming that the problem was restricted to certain optional floor mats and could be addressed by a customer advisory bulletin mailed to those customers who had the mats. But after opening an investigation file, NHTSA lost no time in ordering a recall.

The official recall notices will go out in October and replacement mats will be available by November. In the meantime, the recall warning will suggest that owners check the floor mats in their vehicles.

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