One of the biggest traits a company CEO is supposed to possess is the unwilting nerves of steel to stand up to difficult times and meet the challenges that come with it head on. After all, what kind of CEO blows up in tears at the slightest provocation of shame that his company gives him? Apparently, we know of one such CEO, and all the free-flowing sobs he’s made over the past few months is starting to wear on on some of his company’s shareholders.

According to Reuters, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, not exactly a poster boy for nerves of steel, has already been requested by at least one of the company’s shareholders to hold back on the tears and start leading with more conviction. We have to admit that every time we catch Toyoda reaching for his hanky to wipe away sobs in between talking in front of an audience, we get a really good kick out of it.

After going through one of the worst imaginable stretches in company history, we really can’t put any blame on Toyoda for being an emotional man. His company was in tatters and he had no other course, but to let out an emotional display of remorse and regret. On the flip side though, crying for the whole world to see isn’t the fastest way to establish credibility with your leadership skills. It’s one thing to apologize, which Toyoda has down countless times already, but it’s another thing to do so while holding a hanky on one hand to wipe away those tears.

Be strong, Mr. Toyoda. The worst days for your company are hopefully over.


Source: Reuters

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  (745) posted on 09.7.2010

I understand, it’s a tough situation and I know that they were experts in handling this kind of problems. Hope they can surpass this trouble.

  (1333) posted on 06.29.2010

I agree that it’s good that he’s sincere, but he needs to show some fire for the shareholders. His tears do not exude confidence, and the shareholders are going to question if he can get the job done. He needs to show he’s in charge and aggressive about righting the company.

Uncia  (868) posted on 06.28.2010

Sorry that should be "thought he was going to be..." not "though he was going to be..."

Uncia  (868) posted on 06.28.2010

He makes our company look bad, and while I though he was going to be a great CEO at first, he’s really made some stupid moves, like crying all the time and trying to say that having the LFA and a new Supra for sale at the same time would be a good idea.

Uncia  (23) posted on 06.28.2010

you should cry, you SOB. I know a friend who’s co’worker died in your cars from the runaway gas pedal..toyoda was not crying till toyota got cought hiding their recalls

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